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10 Mixed Messages we give our Children

When I was awake with our three year old for four hours on Wednesday night (yes FOUR HOURS), I realised that part of the problem in getting children to behave as we expect is the constant barrage of mixed messages we give them. It must be so hard for them to comprehend, and at such a young age, it’s no wonder they get confused. Here are 10 of the mixed messages we give our girls:- 1) We tell our children they must not have TV or the iPad before bed, but as soon as they’re in it, we sit,...

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Little Leaps Linky – 28/4

Welcome to the next instalment in the Little Leaps Linky – recording my children’s milestones, accomplishments and developmental leaps. This week for us has been all about sleep – and getting none of it! I have blogged about sleep a LOT this week, so you can read my two posts in the link up below. There are a couple of changes to Little Leaps in that it is now going to be running weekly. There was a bit of confusion about when it was open and closed, so hopefully this will make it much simpler. The Little Leaps linky...

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Napercise – Sleeping at the gym

I have made no secret of the fact that I get very little sleep. I thought that my first born was bad, but I appear to have met her match, in that I know am the proud owner of not one, but two adorable yet lethally talented sleep ninjas. Two children who, given the choice, would stay awake and stare at my face, ALL NIGHT LONG. I am exhausted. My skin is grey, my hair is dull and my motivation for exercise has gone right out the window. We quit the gym as a family in January (just as most...

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10 Simple Steps to getting your Pre-Pregnancy Body back

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and once your little bundle of joy arrives, as well as getting to grips with your changing hormones once again (which is easier said than done!) you will no doubt soon turn your attention to getting back to your pre pregnancy shape. Many new mums, including myself, feel a lot of pressure to squeeze back into their pre-pregnancy jeans. It is almost like it is some elusive goal we set ourselves that takes an eternity to reach. Nearly 8 months on, I am still not there, but I am trying not to be too hard on myself!...

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Hump Day Linky 1 – 26/4

Welcome to the first ever Hump Day Linky – a new blog Linky for parenting and lifestyle bloggers celebrating that we have finally reached Wednesday – “Hump Day”. The middle of the week and the point at which the weekend comes into sight. It’s all downhill to Saturday from here! 🙂 There is no set theme to the Hump Day Linky meaning you can share any posts of your choice, be it current affairs, reviews, rants or random warblings! As this will obviously be your first time at the Hump Day Linky, I’ll briefly explain the rules (of which...

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