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Easter Bonnet Parade – RAH!!!

As much as I love craft, no one ever warned me before becoming a mum just how bloody difficult Easter Bonnet creation can be! As a mum to a nearly 3 year old, I figured that us making a bonnet together would be fun – We could spend some quality time together, sticking on chicks and buttons and then sit back and gloat with our creation, which she would then wear with pride and not want to take off! The reality?? Nothing bloody sticks, there is yellow straw EVERYWHERE  – and the worst bit – she doesn’t even want to...

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REVIEW – Tiny Taste Buds – M&S Baby Food

My daughter Erin was a bit of a fussy eater and always had been even from the early weaning days. Some days getting her to eat anything was a challenge, and since the teeth started to make an appearance this only got worse! As a first time mum, I found myself getting quite worked up and anxious about the quality of food that she eats, having often spent hours in the kitchen making a yummy dinner only for her to turn it away. As a result, I often purchased pouches and jars, as she appeared to enjoy these much more than my own home made food!!! Before feeding Erin anything...

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Breastfeeding… 10 things no one told me!

This post was written in my 7th month of breastfeeding my daughter. After originally hoping to breast feed for 6, I began to reflect back on the ups and downs of my breastfeeding journey, and the things that no one told me before I had my daughter. I hope that my insight from a real breast feeding mum will help paint a more realistic picture of breastfeeding! 10 things no one told me about Breastfeeding 1) You can leak milk before the baby is even born. Who knew!? This was the first insight I had into the world of breast feeding. I...

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REVIEW – Sebamed Baby Products

When you talk to other women about babies, one of the first things they say is usually something to do with the smell of their hair and their soft skin, with an ooh or an ahhh thrown in for good measure! There is something permanently nostalgic about that brand new perfect silky flesh, and so when you have a baby, you want to make sure you keep your newborn clean and smelling beautiful – as hard as that may be with the inevitable baby sick and nappy explosions. Your baby’s skin is so delicate and precious, that finding the right lotions and potions for...

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REVIEW – Made4Keepsake Personalised Birthday Vests/T Shirts

When my daughter turned 2 recently *sob*, I wanted a special outfit for her to wear on her special day, ideally something with her age on so that it could be a great keepsake of the occasion. I had tried to do something similar for her first birthday but found it really difficult to find a design I liked. I encountered similar problems this time around in that: The few stores that did sell them only sold them in the same size as their age – e.g. I am 2 TShirt was only available in a size 2 years....

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