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Time for a DeClutter with eBay

With Neve having turned one last week, I have had to start being honest with myself. The baby days are over and it’s time for a declutter. As Erin grew up, all of her clothes, shoes and toys were packed away into the loft for safe keeping, knowing that if we ever had a second child we would be able to use them again. Re-use them we have, and I have saved an absolute fortune on Neve by using hand-me-downs and the essentials we saved from Erin. This time however, there is NOT going to be a 3rd child, and...

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Hump Day Linky 20/9

Welcome back to Hump Day Linky and thanks for joining me on my weekly linky to celebrate Hump Day – the middle of the week, and the downhill journey to the weekend! This week is a massive change for this household! Today is my first day back at work and I say Goodbye to Maternity Leave after 13 long and wonderful months. I think Neve in particular is going to find it a MASSIVE shock to the system (as am I!!!) but we will all get used to it in time. I hope!! This week also marks the countdown to...

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Becoming a Frugal Foodie

What is the biggest expense in your household? For us, it is without a doubt groceries. Having spent the last 3 months of maternity leave on zero pay, we have found budgeting pretty tough. I recently reviewed my credit card statement for the last month and I was a little shocked and quite frankly disturbed at the amount of money we spend on food and drink. Despite me going back to work this week, I have taken the decision that something has got to change, as we are wasting not only much needed funds, but also over purchasing, wasting an obscene amount of...

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Baby’s First Birthday – Gift Guide

Last week my baby girl turned one. The last 12 months have passed in a bit of a blur, but we have loved every minute of having her in our lives. Deciding what to buy for her first milestone birthday was quite the challenge, but helped a little by the fact that her older sister offered quite a large number of hand-me-downs, she ended up with quite a wide selection! Here’s what we gave Neve to open (with her sister’s help) this September and the reasons why we chose them! I hope that this gives you some inspiration if you...

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Goodbye Maternity Leave

After 13 wonderful months, I am fast approaching the end of my maternity leave. As Neve is my second child, this is my last maternity leave, my last baby and my last prolonged period of time ‘off’ until I retire (most likely!). It is a very surreal feeling. I am so thankful to have been able to take such a long period of time off with both my children, and feel incredibly lucky to have been able to do so. Last week we celebrated Neve’s first birthday, marking this my reluctant time to wave goodbye to the baby years, and get my head...

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