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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – Globenfield Super Sport 2.0 Mens Watch

Time. No matter how early I get up, or how many times I wake in the night, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete all the things that I need to. In Mike’s day job, the phrase “time is money” most definitely applies, and he spends a lot of his day travelling around the region meeting clients for his next appointment, or his next potential lead. Being late simply isn’t an option, so timekeeping and punctuality is key. We were offered the opportunity to review a Globenfield Super Sport 2.0 Men’s Watch, and I...

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How to Survive on 5 hours Sleep a Night

As new parents, it is fairly well documented that you can expect a lack of sleep. In those early weeks and months, sleep deprivation can be pretty brutal, and parents do whatever they can to cope until the point when their baby finally sleeps through the night. For some people however, like us with Neve, those early baby days seem to go on forever, and despite having a nearly 18 month old daughter, I am still woken a good three, four or five times a night. As such, I have come to accept that a good nights sleep is...

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REVIEW – Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser

Erin is a huge fan of Paw Patrol, and has been for quite some time now! We have followed the series on Nick Jr since the beginning, and Erin has watched with excitement at the arrival of every new episode and character. To accompany the series, the toys have been really popular, hitting most children’s Christmas wishilists, and we have been lucky enough to previously review the Air Patroller and Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track sets. Following the release of the New ‘Mission Paw’ episodes on Nick Jr, Spinmaster have added a new addition to their range of  Paw...

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REVIEW – Kenwood Chef XL Elite #AOatHome

Back in my twenties, before I had children, I always imagined the type of mother I would be. I had it all planned out in my head. I would be the Mum who enjoyed playtime and craft, who spent hours making fantastic creations with the children, and at weekends, the Mum who would bake, the smell of freshly risen bread or a cooling Victoria sponge on the counter top making our home all warm and welcoming. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that is not quite how my motherhood experience has panned out. Whilst I...

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REVIEW – Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2

Having been a huge fan of Hatchimals from the beginning, Erin was super egg’cited (eggs’cuse the pun!!) when Spinmaster launched their collectible spin off – Hatchimals CollEGGtibles last April. With prices at just pocket money prices, these fun and interactive eggs were a much cheaper alternative for parents whose children wanted to experience the excitement of a surprise inside a hatching egg. This month has seen the launch of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 – and Erin could not have been more excited to check out what new characters lay inside! In case you missed our original review – here’s...

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