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Pregnancy Bump in the Road

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and until now have had a relatively smooth pregnancy, but today I had some news that made me a little nervous to say the least. My little wriggler, the little wriggler who has been in an uncooperative position for every scan we’ve had since the 10 week early assessment, has now got herself nicely nuzzled into the breech position. For anyone unfamiliar with the term – that means that rather than preparing for birth in the ideal head down position, she instead has her head firmly squished under my ribs and her feet...

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Pregnancy Update – 36 Weeks

The time is flying by. I am now 36 weeks pregnant, and in theory, in less than a month I will be holding my second daughter in my arms! For anyone approaching the 3rd trimester and wondering what to expect, this is what is happening in our world at the moment! Return of the Sicky Symptoms I didn’t suffer from bad morning sickness in the first trimester, but suffered from what I can only describe as a heave cough – if I didn’t eat regularly enough, and by regularly I mean something small every hour or so, I started...

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RECALL – Winnie the Pooh Comforters

Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh Comforters – Recall The following notice has been issued by the Dunelm: Dunelm has identified a potential safety issue where the sewn in care label can be pulled off which is then a choking hazard for small children. We have therefore issued a recall notice on the: Dumbo Comforter White Barcode: 5050390072731 Winnie the Pooh Comforter Barcode: 5050390072892 These products were sold in the UK through Dunelm stores and from September 2015. No other products are affected by this recall notice. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please return this product to your nearest...

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Hospital Bag – Beyond the Essential

The time has come, the time where I have to stop putting things off, and just do it. Pack my Hospital Bag. At 35 weeks, I could, in theory, go into labour any time from now onwards, and after a bit of a false alarm this morning where I had excruciating cramps, I decided today is the day to do it! I learnt some interesting lessons first time around, largely about the things I packed that I didn’t need, and the things I left at home that perhaps I should have taken with me. A quick google will provide you...

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The Big Sleuth – Birmingham 2017

I am so so excited about this!! After the success of last years’ Big Hoot, Birmingham Children’s Hopsital is bringing the sequel in 2017 – The Big Sleuth – making Birmingham become Bear-Mingham for the entire summer!! 🙂 If you are unfamiliar with the concept – last summer The Big Hoot consisted of 89 owl statues – some 5ft 5 inches in size scattered across the city, all of which had been individually decorated by businesses, brands or schools across the county. Using the app, the aim was to find all 89 owls across the trail, and scan them with...

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