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Shared Parental Leave – Use it or Lose it???

Introduced in 2014, Shared parental leave was introduced as a way to improve flexibility for new parents. Under the regulations, new parents are allowed to split up to 52 weeks of leave between them in up to three separate blocks. At the time of its introduction, it was praised as a great step towards a more modern set up – acknowledging that the mother can often be the bread winner in modern society, and as such, may wish to return to work earlier, whilst the partner uses the remaining time to bond with their baby. However, according to the CIPD’s...

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Little Leaps Week 1 – 4 Month Sleep Regression

Welcome to the first Little Leaps Linky – my new fortnightly Linky celebrating all things developmental. Your posts can be celebrating your child’s first words, steps or foods, a monthly update, your experience of a developmental challenge such as teething or sleep regressions, or simply a summary of how your child has changed. If you’re a fellow blogger, come and share them with us, and link up with other parents who might be going through the same thing! 🙂 If you are taking part – don’t forget to include the Linky Badge code below, and comment on some of...

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Valentine’s – Is Romance Dead?

In just 3 weeks time, the biggest event in February’s social calendar will be upon us…. The day that all the singletons dread, and those in the ‘honeymoon period’ gloat about… but what about the rest of us? For those in long term relationships, and with one or more little bundles at home, has Valentine’s Day ran it’s course? I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, regardless of my relationship status. As a child, I remember me and a friend working together to create the illusion of being popular. We would both buy each other a...

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The Big Parenting Debate

#TheBigParentingDebate Parenting is one topic on which you can guarantee EVERYONE has an opinion. Parents or not, EVERYONE seems to have a view on the “right” way to raise a child, creating a wealth of conflicting view points on how best to approach every parenting challenge. I found this impossibly hard as a first time Mum. Everybody wanted to give me tips, tell me their experiences, provide insights into what helped them, or worse, make judgements on the decisions we had made in raising our daughter. Whether it be sleeping advice, the bottle vs breast debate, or when they should go into their own bedroom –...

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Our Week 4/52 – 2017

Another week has flown by, and I am back to join in with Living Arrows, the Linky from What the Redhead Said which is all about celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday Donna shares some photos from her week and invites others to do the same on her linky. This week we took my daughter Neve to the park for the first time. At just over 4 months, its pretty terrible that I hadn’t taken her...

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