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REVIEW – Hairburst for New Mums

REVIEW – Hairburst for New Mums

One thing no one tells you about when you have a baby is just how much pregnancy can affect your hair. The hair shedding that happens as a result of your hormone changes is significant, and although it is slowing down a little, the amount of hair I have been losing this time around is pretty shocking!

Unlike most of the other unglamourous side effects of pregnancy, it’s the one thing that I hadn’t been pre-warned about before I had Erin, and even second time around, it has still come as a bit of a shock.

The shedding started about 2 months after Neve was born. In the shower I would find that my hair came out in large clumps (from the root), with long strands of hair clogging up the plug hole, or getting stuck between my fingers as I lathered up my shampoo. My other half found it equally frustrating as my hair, in his words, was absolutely everywhere! At one point, my shedding got so bad that our vacuum cleaner got completely clogged and started to smell of burning – I kid you not! I would also have regular minor panic attacks thinking that a huge spider had entered our living room, when it was, in fact, a giant hair ball gathered up from friction on the carpet. Gross.

I was recently approached by Hairburst to see if I would like to trial their Hairburst for New Mums range – a supplement aimed at new mums and scientifically proven to maintain healthy hair growth. Unlike many supplements, Hairburst for new Mums is suitable to take both before, after and during pregnancy. Hairburst for New Mums also contains a range of B vitamins which help to combat tiredness, something which I am DEFINITELY suffering from – and are completely safe to use during breastfeeding. The latter is something that is really important to me, as I am 7 months into our breastfeeding journey, and do not intend on stopping just yet!

The range also includes shampoo and conditioner products, suitable for all hair types, that are formulated to improve the strength and length of your hair, improve hair health and reduce breakages.

Like with any medication or supplement, I always do my research – I had not heard of Hairburst before and as such, I was very reassured to see the product was stocked at Holland & Barrett and not just available online. There are a range of Hairburst products available, but this one is targeted specifically at new mums.

I was sent a months supply of capsules to try, along with the Hairburst Shampoo and Conditioner.

I have been using the product for around 3 weeks now – so what’s the verdict?

First Impressions

The capsules retail at £19.99 for a months supply (currently on offer at £17.99) which equates to 30 capsules. This works out at 66p per day (or 60p a day when on offer), which in my opinion is fairly reasonable – IF they work! 🙂

The capsules are rather on the large side, and having had real problems taking tablets in the past (I normally have solubles!) I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to swallow them. That said, in a capsule format they went down fairly easily with a large glug of water. As recommended, I took the vitamin in the morning just before my breakfast. I didn’t notice any significant after taste or odour and have not had any averse side effects from taking them.

Do I feel less tired? No. But then Neve is waking very regularly during the night with teething at the moment as well as Erin who has recently decided that 3am is a good time to “tell me a secret”. I think Hairburst for New Mums would need e to be some kind of miracle to get me bouncing out of bed in the morning at the moment!

So how is my hair? First I should point out that despite the shedding, I have always had a lot of hair. It is generally long and thick, so my motivation for taking Hairburst was more about preventing loss and improving strength and hair quality as opposed to achieving a sudden burst in hair growth. That said, I am shortly having around 6 inches cut off for the Little Princess Trust so any additional growth will simply be more donated hair, so either way, its a bonus!

Three weeks in, and it is clearly early days. Having read previous reviews of the Hairburst range, many people say that it takes a little while to see an effect. Whilst I haven’t noticed any major changes to the length of my hair it does feel slightly smoother to the touch, and appears to be less knotty when I get out of the shower. The shedding however has DEFINITELY reduced even at this early stage. Whilst I am still getting some hair loss, the amount I find in my brush after styling is definitely reduced, and the quantity is a lot less unnerving!

Overall, so far so good. I have been taking the capsules in conjunction with the Hairburst Shampoo & Conditioner, which smells really fresh and subtle. The shampoo is a discreet avocado smell, which is not at all overbearing and lathers well with a small amount. I will continue to finish my supply of Hairburst for New Mums before making a judgement on whether to continue but at this stage I am relatively pleased with the results!

*Disclosure – this is a sponsored review. I was sent a months supply of Hairburst for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*.




  1. SaraH

    This looks great. Mine went so fluffy post partum because so much fell out!

  2. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    My hair fell out really badly when I was pregnant and I could have done with something like this

  3. Jenna newell

    I lost so much hair after I had my daughter so may need to invest in these this time round! Wonder if it’ll help stop the greys too lol x

  4. five little doves

    These sound fab! My hair was destroyed after the youngest three, I could use some of these!

  5. Talya

    Wow this sounds like a must for new mums it’s scary how much hair you lose after your luscious pregnant locks!

  6. Jade - Raising the Rings

    Oh these sound good! I’m not a huge fan of anything capsule wise but I’d definitely give the shampoo and conditioner a go. I lost so much hair after my two and it’s still growing back to this day (my youngest is almost 2). Just gotta rock those wings! x


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