I have never been a “Bubble wrap mum”. As much as I have my heart in throat whilst she speeds off on her scooter, narrowly avoiding oncoming children, dogs and walls(!), I have to let her learn that at times, we all fall down. As a result, Erin has had her fair share of bumps, cuts and bruises, but the girl still hath no fear, something which I admire and dread in equal measure! 🙂

Allowing children to experience the ups and downs of life is an important life lesson. I, for one, want my children to learn that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we fall down and we hurt ourselves, but we get up, we dust ourselves off and we carry on. 

Erin’s always been a bit of a tough cookie, and I hope that at least some of that is down to the way we’ve managed her accidents and how she recovers. Here are my tips for turning TearsIntoSmiles:-

Don’t panic yourself

This is easier said than done, but remember that your reactions can affect the child’s response. If you rush over flailing arms & panic stricken, this will add to their anxiety and inevitably result in a more extreme shedding of tears.  Obviously I don’t succeed with this one if it’s a particularly traumatic fall, but for the odd grazed knee or scraped arm, I try to appear nonchalant even if inside I’m thinking arghhhhhhh!! 

Cuddles and kisses

You can’t beat the whole ‘kiss it better’ approach – when my Mum used to kiss my knee after a fall it was like she had waved a magic wand – reason being that 9 times out of 10 it was the shock that caused the tears rather than the physical pain. Erin & I also do the ‘eyelash spider’ where I fan my eyelashes on her cheek. It tickles her and always makes her laugh. 

Say well done for being brave

Whilst having a quick cuddle I remind her that she’s done really well. I find if I repeat this as she’s picking herself up and we’re dusting her off, the tears stay away and she maintains control.

Plaster it up

Not only does it prevent infection and help keep any cuts and scrapes clean, but for my daughter, the simple suggestion of a plaster with ELSA on is like watching a kid at Christmas – her attention is taken away from her knee, and becomes focused on the unwrapping!  This can become quite humorous though – be prepared for exclamations of “Mummy I need a plaster!” at the sight of any feint red mark on their body.


If in doubt, distract, distract, distract. Post recovery selfies are a must, and have a similar reaction to that of chewing gum to Elf. *Ooooh piece of candy!*

With my artistry skills not being even half that of the Tear Artist featured in The Elastoplast Plaster Moments campaign, I asked Erin to draw a picture of how she felt when she fell down, followed by when Mummy had helped her feel better and the change is pretty clear.

How do you comfort your little ones when they fall?

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