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The Birthday that will never be….

*The following is an open and frank story of my miscarriage, which some people may prefer not to read. However, I hope that this will help others who have been through the same realise that they are not alone. :(* Tomorrow is an emotional day… another emotional day in an emotional week. Thursday was the 2 year anniversary of my Mum’s passing, and tomorrow will be the due date of my 2nd child. The baby I will never get to meet 🙁 We were over the moon in September when we learnt that we were expecting our 2nd child. Erin...

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Bring back TV of the 80s!

After sitting through yet another episode of Peppa Pig this evening, I began to reminisce of the programmes I personally watched as a child. If you ask me, some of the children’s TV shows from the 80’s and 90’s were absolute classics, and should be bought back immediately, or at least for a week of flashbacks! There’s bound to be some politically correct madness or health & safety implication that means they can’t! Here are some of my personal favourites – how many do you remember? Fun House Ok, is there anyone who didn’t want to be on Fun House? Pat Sharp at the pinnacle...

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The Rise of the Threenager

Everyone knows about the terrible twos, and most, if not all parents of toddlers will, at times, experience the joys of the toddler tantrum. The complete meltdown over the simplest thing, the hyperactive yet overtired energy of a someone who missed their nap, or the embarrassing moment where you are completely and utterly humiliated in public (see – The Day My Toddler Made Me Cry). But you can be forgiven for hoping that when they turn 3 you can kiss them goodbye. Oh no, how wrong you are – the turn of 3 brings with it something far far worse,...

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REVIEW – Party Bags & Supplies

Last week my daughter turned 3 *sob*. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It feels likely only yesterday that we bought her back from the hospital as a tiny little bundle in her car seat! 🙂 As she is getting older, she has made more and more friends at nursery, and this year, we had our first ever “proper” party, where we invited a number of children to attend including nursery and family friends alike. Erin was VERY excited, and kept checking that all her friends had been invited! 🙂 As exciting as parties can be,...

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My Best Pre Parent Experience Ever – Trek Iceland

Prior to having my daughter in 2013, there is one thing in my life that stands out as the most amazing experience- something that I will cherish the memory of forever. Trek Iceland. In July 2011 I took part in a four day fundraising trek around Iceland to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Trek Iceland went from Landmannahellir to Thorsmörk with 7 – 10 hours trekking each day. This was not only my first trekking experience but my first camping experience too! These are the postings from my journal which I kept at the time during the...

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