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Hump Day Linky 12/7

Welcome back to Hump Day Linky and thanks for joining me on my weekly linky to celebrate Hump Day – the middle of the week, and the downhill journey to the weekend! This week has been BIRTHDAY Week with parties and celebrations galore. Both my neice and nephew had birthdays and as such, we have spent a lot of time playing in the sunshine and eating cake. Not a bad week you may say! From a blog perspective, I had my first controversial post this week which caused a bit of a stir and some very awful comments from...

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Erin is a GINORMOUS Paw Patrol Fan. Not only do we have nearly every Paw Patrol Toy going (with more expected to be best sellers this Christmas), but I think Erin has developed a little bit of a crush on Ryder! She watches Paw Patrol religiously most mornings before preschool, and loves finding out about the latest adventure or rescue mission the pups have got themselves involved in! When I heard that there was going to be an arena tour, I think I actually let out a little squeal – what better treat for a Paw Patrol fan than to...

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Would you let your Mum be at the birth?

As Mum to two daughters, I love chatting birth stories. I had two completely different experiences with my girls – the first, a very prolonged, 36 hour attempted natural water birth followed by vontuse and episiotomy assistance. The second; a breech baby with a planned caesarean, scuppered slightly by her attempting an early arrival and as such, resulting in an early hours emergency c-section. When discussing my first labour with some other Mums at a baby group, I mentioned that I had two birthing partners present, both my partner Mike and my Mum. One lady was quite taken aback and said to me...

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REVIEW – Puppy Surprise Dogs

When I was a girl, one of my favourite toys was the Pound Puppy – I used to carry around my large grey Dog with me everywhere I went, and loved popping open her Velcro tummy to reveal the baby pups inside! 🙂 When I saw that Flair have a modern day equivalent – Puppy Surprise dogs, I couldn’t wait to introduce them to Erin! About the Product Puppy Surprise features a soft and huggable Mommy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. Will it be three four or five? There is no way of knowing until...

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To the waiter who disciplined my child…

We have had such a lovely day today – a jam packed, fun filled Friday. We left the house at 10am and didn’t sit down until four. With Erin starting school in September, I am cramming in every moment of our Fridays together. Today we spent the morning working up an appetite hunting for The Big Sleuth bears around Solihull centre. Erin loved it and enjoyed posing in her shades with every bear we came across. By midday, we were all pretty starving so headed for some lunch. For those of you who haven’t met my daughter… she is best...

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