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Infinity Nado – The Latest Craze!

Infinity Nado – The Latest Craze!

I love learning about new toys and activities for children. It’s always hard to predict what will be coming next, and whether it be Pokémon Go or the Paw Patroller, I am always fascinated to learn what will be on the children’s wish list next!

Yesterday we were invited along to The Entertainer in Birmingham for the launch of Infinity Nado, a new gaming battle craze that is sweeping the nation for children five years and above! We joined You Tube legends Tekkerz Kid and It’s Romero as they battled it out against willing volunteers and I felt like I’d been transposed into a world of Robot Wars (only on a smaller scale!). If you don’t know who Tekkerz Kid and It’s Romero are, ask your children – they are mega YouTube stars who vlog about their lives, including unboxing and testing out the latest toys!

So what is Infinity Nado?

Infinity Nado is based on the story of Jin and his mates who enter the center of a Gyro-Type tower to stop its rotation in an attempt to overcome evil forces and save the planet.

In Infinity Nado battles, children can pick their Nado of choice (available to purchase individually) from either Super Whisker or Blaze and battle it out in the stunt arena to become the Ultimate Nado Master! 🙂  Each Nado is a rotating orb, and each one is slightly different. Children flick it into action using the launcher (supplied) before placing them in the battle arena – the Nado who rotates for longest is the winner! You can also attach stunt tips (sold separately) to add to the anticipation! We watched as the battling Nado’s flicked, bumped and battled till the end!

Check out one the video of the willing volunteers who came down to The Entertainer Birmingham to battle it out!

The Infinity Nado toys went down a storm, and I can see these being on a few birthday wishlists this summer!

The Entertainer currently have 20% off a number of items across the Infinity Nado range.





  1. Lucy

    Could you tell me what is the difference between infinity nado and beyblade?
    My kids are entering this craze and they talk all the time about the beyblade, but I can only find infinity nado toys…


    • loosea

      I’ve actually not come across beyblade at all? Maybe it’s a specific nado?? :S


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