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Keeping Active with MyRebounder

Keeping Active with MyRebounder

Erin is often described, by me and others, as a child who is ‘spirited’. She is full of life, full of beans, and very rarely sits still. She loves to dance, to run and to play and given the opportunity, she will climb and bounce on anything within reach. Knowing how much she loves to have a good old bounce on my bed, I figured a trampoline might be a slightly safer and more effective way of letting her embrace her ever increasing bouncing addiction!

We were recently invited to introduce Erin to MyRebounder, and the benefits that come from using a mini trampoline or ‘rebounding’.

So why is rebounding such a good way for children to exercise?

Rebounding, or in more simple terms, bouncing on a mini trampoline, is not only lots of fun, but a great way to encourage or motivate children to be more active. I have never seen a child be unhappy on a trampoline, and Erin is no different. She absolutely LOVES to bounce.

Rebounding uses every single muscle in the body and has multiple benefits, including improved strength, balance, co-ordination and general fitness. Used regularly, a mini trampoline can have a number of additional health benefits including:

  • Strengthened core muscles and bones
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved appetite and sleep patterns.

We introduced Erin to a MyRebounder 40″ mini trampoline last weekend, and she couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start bouncing! Mike was very pleased that the MyRebounder came partially assembled – when we bought Erin a pre-schooler trampoline for her 2nd birthday, he almost had a nervous breakdown trying to thread the elastic through the frame. This was much simpler, in that the legs simply folded up and the only assembly required was to add the stretchy protective cover and pop plastic safety tabs on the feet – much more user friendly!!! 🙂

Having been used to a pre-schooler trampoline, Erin took a little while to adjust to the fact there was not a balance bar to support her, I guess because it left her a little more vulnerable if she was to fall off, but this actually helped her focus on her core tummy muscles and work to retain her balance.

Before long she was off and full of confidence – enjoying jumping up as high as she could, doing lots of star fish, and attempting to kick her bum with her feet. Occasionally she had the odd wobble, but very quickly she got herself working up a bit of pace, bouncing away, getting a little out of puff and having to stop for a little rest before starting again.

Aimed at children aged 3-7 years, I can already see how this is a fantastic work out, and whilst we wont necessarily spend hours and hours playing outside now the winter is coming, its a great way to have a brief period of active time outside before the rain starts again, and a fun way to warm up when it’s a little cooler outside! When it is not being used, we can pop on the MyRebounder cover to protect it from the elements until the next time Erin fancies a bounce!!

Overall we have had so much fun with MyRebounder. This is a high quality easy to assemble mini trampoline which whilst an initial investment at £89.95, will lead to hours of fun play and active time for my girls.

You can learn more about MyRebounder and their other suggestions for keeping children active on their website here.

*Disclosure – we were sent a MyRebounder free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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