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Labour Face & Post Pregnancy Photo

Labour Face & Post Pregnancy Photo

This evening whilst watching #OneBornEveryMinute, we met Maria, wearing a full face of make up whilst in labour. An obvious debate began on Twitter about whether this was right or wrong, and whether other mums to be did something similar. Here is my experience!

I had it all planned in my head. That first photo of us together as a family – my darling baby girl, cute and staring up lovingly at me. My other half, ever the proud new dad, with a beaming smile and supportive arm – and me, slightly dishevelled, with a red flush glow, but beautiful, happy and healthy. It didn’t quite go according to plan!

Erin was 2 weeks overdue, so I had a LOT of time to think about my labour. I made sure my hair was washed and straightened every day, and even went so far as applying false individual eyelashes a few days before, figuring that if I was tired, they would make my eyes look fuller and more awake!


My labour when it finally started 13 days later than planned was LONG. I had an attempted (and failed) water birth, and gave birth to Erin some 36 hours later after a fairly traumatic minutes away from section end. Having been in the water for some time, my hair was wet frissy and dishevelled (think Worzel Gummidge), all but three of my eyelashes had fallen out, leaving me with an eye lid representing a dead spider, and my face was puffy, swollen and quite obviously exhausted. Mike, the proud dad I’d imagined beaming down in my photo, was also relatively broken. He was so relieved that Erin had arrived¬†safely that he almost passed out, and therefore was also in no fit state to be photographed!¬†Even after a shower and the amazing first slice of toast, (the first thing I’d eaten in 40 hours), I didn’t feel ready for that first photo.

When the bounty ladies came round the following morning, I asked them for photos of my daughter and Mike together, but refused to be in them. I was still puffy, still exhausted and that new mum “glow” everyone talks about never seemed to arrive.

I finally caved and had our first photo together when she was two days old. Far from as glamourous as I’d hoped for, but I was showered, clean and dressed, and as I’m sure most new mums would agree, that at least was progress!


This time around, I’m hoping to accept defeat and just selfie the moment as I am, puffy eyes or otherwise. And this time, well – the false eyelashes will be staying at home!!!

Lucy xx

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