REVIEW – Fred’s Box

REVIEW – Fred’s Box

Erin is a MASSIVE fan of lego, and more recently has progressed to what I would describe as ‘grown up’ lego as opposed to the larger bricks. She loves building and creating her own little imaginary villages, and her and my nephew Nathan enjoy acting out little scenes with the people – taking on different roles each.

When I saw that Fred’s Box ran a subscription based service that sent surprise boxes of mini figures through the post, I knew instantly that this was right up Erin’s street! 🙂

About Fred’s Box

Fred’s Box is a fab new subscription box  for children. Each month, Fred’s Box send a mystery box filled with different minifigures for children to play with. The custom made mini figures are compatible with all leading brands of building blocks. The boxes are aimed at children aged between 4 and 13 (they are not suitable for under 3’s due to small parts).

Every month there is a different theme from TV characters, to Disney chracters, superheroes and even Santa or the Easter Bunny.

On selecting your subscription, you can chose for either a Boy, Girl or Unisex theme.

The boxes are available in small, medium, standard or large, ranging from 2 mini figures through to 1o mini figures. They can be bought as one off purchases, or as a 3 months, 6 months, or annual subscription.

Prices start at £4.85 for the small box, and include free postage.

Our Experience
Here’s Erin opening our standard Lily’s Box subscription, including four mini figures and an accessory.

*please note, they are MONTHLY not Weekly as per my video*

Erin loved opening up her own surprise box (who doesn’t like getting post!). The box is small and well packaged with shredded paper to ensure the figures do not get damaged in transit. Our box arrived when we were out, but was small enough to fit easily through the letter box, so no frustrating trips to the post office for us! This is a real positive.

Our characters were all based on an Inside Out theme, and Erin instantly recognised Joy! There were 4 mini figures inside – Joy, Disgust, Fear and Sadness, and accessories including a skateboard and little wine glasses in their hand. Erin enjoyed playing with her lego with them, and was super excited to show Nathan what she had received in the post

I think that Fred’s Box is a fab idea for Lego lovers, and something a bit different for a birthday or Christmas gift. Children can build up a real collection of different characters, which are great for imaginative play and role playing. Erin loves acting out little scenes with them, and pretending to do all the voices and personalities.

The differing theme each month is great, although I would love it even more if there was a way of getting the ‘missing characters’ from the set. Obviously as a standard box, we didn’t receive all the characters from Inside Out, and Erin did keep asking where Anger had got to! I just told her he must have got annoyed and wandered off! 🙂 A way of buying individual missing ones would be great, or even having a checklist to tick off the characters as you get them would be lots of fun – although I appreciate the element of surprise may be preferred! 🙂

Overall, we were really impressed with Fred’s Box, and although they are small in size, I felt that the boxes were good value for money, working out at around a £1 per figure. When I compare this to the amount of money I spend on Kinder Eggs or similar plastic toys, these are far better made, and will provide much longer pleasure for Erin than they do!

I now have an idea for my nephews birthday and will be ordering him an 3 month subscription as a gift! 🙂

You can learn more about Fred’s Box and their full range of subscription boxes on the Fred’s box website.

*Disclosure – I was sent a Fred’s Box free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Vicki @ tippytupps

    What an amazing idea!! I not only have a husband who loves lego and a daughter who is inheriting that love, but we have a lego BONKERS nephew who would love this so we will definately be taking a look!

  2. Amy Fox

    Oh these are so cute! I love that film too. I don’t want to wish my little boys life away but he’s probably just a little bit too young for them, but they look fab!

  3. Rachelanne_bee

    This is actually amazing! My husband is obsessed with Lego, I might actually get him a box as a little anniversary gift!

  4. Jaymee

    I have seen these about online and they do look great! We have experienced issues with some other block/minifigure companies that are not Lego so it is really interesting to learn more about the quality. I think I need to give them a chance and to see what they are like as it does seem a fab subscription service!

  5. Emily and indiana

    What a clever idea this is! I love that the characters are ones kids would recognise too – would make playing even more fun 🙂 x

  6. Abbie

    Wow! I’ve never seen these before, what a fantastic idea! Will have to look into them when my boys are older!

  7. lucie maniscalchi

    This looks great! It’s the kind of thing james would love haha, I’ve never heard of them! x

  8. Kirsty

    Ooooh this looks like such good value for money – plus what child wouldn’t want a box of toys delivered straight to their door…

  9. EssexKate

    This looks great. Considering how much money we have spent on Lego minifigures blind bags they are really good value. I love that these Inside out figures all appear to be having a party too!


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