REVIEW – LOL Surprise Pets

REVIEW – LOL Surprise Pets

LOL Surprise Pets – the latest addition to our family…

We have a new family pet. And not the type you may expect. A puppy from LOL Surprise Pets. Those of you who read the blog regularly will know that my eldest is a HUGE fan of collectibles. Much to my partners’ frustration, our house seems to be full of small pieces of collectible plastic of one variety or another, but at 4 and a half Erin’s interest and desire for these is only increasing, with a sudden wish to try and collect them all, and display them neatly on a bookshelf in her bedroom, high up where her sister cannot reach them!!
Erin has always been a big fan of LOL dolls, and despite my brain telling me otherwise, I bought the LOL Surprise Big Surprise for Christmas. As expected, despite it being very expensive for what it was, it was a huge hit with Erin, who absolutely loved opening all the different balls and treats inside – particularly the bath bombs which she found hugely exciting, waiting with anticipation for the outfit to be revealed as she salts fizzed away into the bath water!
When Erin saw on YouTube (yes I swear she learns about new toy releases faster than me!) that LOL had released LOL Surprise Pets she was desperate to get her hands on them, particularly as they included a slightly different feature of scooping for treasure – something that prolongs the anticipation even more!
I sent off for 3 of the Series 3 LOL Surprise Pets. With 7 different surprises in each ball and a selection of 35 different characters to collect, Erin was keen to get started!
girl holding LOL Surprise Pets

The Product

LOL Surprise Pets look very similar on the outside to other items within the LOL Surprise range – a large globe type ball with various layers to open and cover to reveal the surprises inside. However, LOL Surprise Pets are a little different – children will discover seven different layers of animal cuteness!

LOL Surprise Pets Season 3 Packaging

As you unbox each layer a new surprise is unveiled, including stickers, outfits and blind bags galore, until you get to your new L.O.L. Surprise Pet. There are 35 different pets to collect in Series 3, and these include Puppies, Kittys, Bunnies and Hamsters, each with their own accessories to boot.

Each furry friend has their own secret talent – feed them with their little water bottle (included in one of the blind bags) and then give them a squeeze-  they may cry, spit, or wee (this is very amusing!) or pop them in water to see them change colour!

As if that wasn’t already enough excitement for one day – each pet comes with their own little tray, and a scoop where you can dig for that last remaining surprise!

Our Experience

Erin was super excited when she saw that I had ordered her some of the LOL Surprise Pets, and having already seen them on YouTube she was literally chomping at the bit to get them opened and check out what was inside.

The LOL Surprise Pets fully embrace the blind bag excitement, which from a parents point of view is great as it prolongs the entertainment factor, and took Erin quite a while to uncover and reveal all 7 surprises inside. Each LOL Surprise Pet includes various layers of plastic for children to unwrap – each using the pre perforated zips which are clearly marked, meaning that 9 times out of 10, Erin can open them herself without assistance.

LOL Surprise Pets Globe Carry Handle Ball

The first outer two layers feature small sheets of stickers, which for the child, are a little hint into what might be contained within. This is great for those who are avid collectors, as they know straight away whether it is likely to be a duplicate or whether it may be one of the elusive ultra rares!

Once the initial layers have been opened, a large pink globe reveals which once clicked open has a little handle (which can be clicked back onto the globe to make carry handle.

LOL Surprise Pets Miss Puppy

Inside are 4 blind bags containing:
  • A squashy bottle drink (designs vary)
  • An animal Scoop (usually with a shape representing the kind of pet you may get – e.g. Puppy has a bone
  • Accessory – In our case a little collar
  • The pet itself – we opened Miss Puppy – a cute little dog which looks a little bit like a cat in my opinion, but either way was pretty cute! 🙂
The other half globe contains the litter tray – and pops open to reveal a kinetic sand type material (Warning – the process of digging with the scoop to reveal the final surprise can be a little bit messy, although the kinetic sand feels amazing(!!!!) and is quite therapeutic to play with – it also mounds back together fairly easily which is a real positive as it can be moulded back into shape and played with over and over again after the initial reveal.
LOL Surprise Pets Little Tray Sand Pit
Using the little scoop, Erin dug in the sand to reveal another hidden surprise (in our case a little crown for her puppy!)
We were a little confused as there were no shoes in our LOL Surprise Pet (and the packaging implied there would be) but we now think that some have shoes and some don’t – in our case I think the crown was instead of the shoes – and you receive an item of clothing of some shape or form (varying from one pet to another).
As with all the LOL Surprise collectibles, some are more common than others, ranging from popular to super rare.
The pets themselves are really cute and Erin was keen to get out her LOL Surprise Dolls and introduce them to their new addition! As a parent, I really like the multi layered surprise element, particularly the practical element of the digging in sand, as this is different to other collectible toys we have had before. I also love the ‘hidden talent’ – watching Miss Puppy wee was hilarious, and Erin was in hysterics watching the water fountain out of her bottom!!
In my opinion, the LOL Surprise Pets are much better value for money than the Big Surprise which was a bit more gimmaky for Christmas – I know that Erin is going to want to continue collecting these, and so the Birthday Wishlist is already taking shape! 🙂
Please note – LOL Surprise Pets are not suitable for children under 3 due to potential choking hazards and as such, need to keep out of reach of babies – Neve is DESPERATE to try and get her hands on them!!!
You can pre order LOL Surprise Pets at the Entertainer here – (Limited to 3 per customer) – delivery expected from the 15th January 2018.
*Disclosure – this is a review of items purchased with my own money, as always all views and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links* 


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