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REVIEW – My Friend Max – Secret Life of Pets

REVIEW – My Friend Max – Secret Life of PetsScore 88%Score 88%

If you haven’t seen Secret Life of Pets yet, seriously, where have you been? I went to see the film with Erin at the cinema with my cousin and her daughter of the same age (3), and the girls both absolutely loved it. I have to say – so did we! Some of the humour in the film is tailored perfectly towards the adults as much as the kids, and having grown up with pets for most of my childhood, I could relate to so many of the characteristics of the pets featured – especially the cats!

Erin has become a massive fan of the film, and since we bought it on DVD, has watched it pretty relentlessly, to the point where whenever we turn the TV on she asks “Can we watch Pets??”

She has recently started to ask if she can have her own little doggy. With a 3 month old baby sister, the chances of her finding a real doggy under the tree this Christmas are pretty slim, however My Friend Max might well be the perfect answer!

my friend max

My Friend Max

Max is the loveable lead character in the Secret Life of Pets, a pet who’s world is turned upside down when his owner comes home with Duke, a large and lively rescue dog. In trying to get rid of Duke, Max’s world is thrust into a rescue mission of his own!

The My Friend Max really is the next best thing to having a real dog at home – a loveable character that can be taken for a walk and responds by shaking his tail and saying some of his famous quotes from the film!

My Friend Max has two modes of play – the first using a handheld leash/lead, and the second in ‘petting mode’.

My Friend Max is made by Spin Master toys and retails at £44.99.

Our Experience

My Friend Max is quite simply adorable. My first impressions of the product were that the kids were going to LOVE it – he has the friendly and smiling face that Erin fell in love with at the cinema, and he is soft to touch and stroke.

He comes with a lead attached and has batteries included, so he can be tested whilst still in the box. There are two play modes. Firstly you can hold the lead and control his sounds and movements by pressing the button. Alternatively, the lead can be removed, and then Max responds to being “petted”. Simply stroke his back and he begins to “woof” and walk, before shouting out some key phrases from the film.

My Friend Max was a massive hit with Nathan and Erin (4 and 3) – who found it hillarious when he started walking around the room. Erin enjoyed walking him up and down and kept exclaiming “come on max, come on, come on!” :)It wasn’t a hit with everyone however – Immy, my youngest niece at 18 months was a little bit terrified and cried whenever he came near bless her! She probably thought it was real, as to be fair his walking is pretty authentic! I now know why the recommended age is 3+!

Max is easy to swap between sitting mode and walking mode, although a parent may need to help remove the lead as it requires quite a strong pull to remove it from his collar.

If I had to critique Max, I would say the lead is a little bit shorter than perhaps Nathan would like as he is quite tall, and therefore had to crouch down a little bit in order to walk along with him. Other than that, there is obviously the temptation from the kids to take him outside, however with his white colouring this is not recommended!

Overall we love Max, and feel he is a great alternative to a real pet. Nathan is currently babysitting Max for the weekend, and from what I understand, has hardly left his side!

*Disclosure – I was sent a My Friend Max from Spin Master toys in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*



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