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The Red Mist of Tiredness

The Red Mist of Tiredness

Last night, my other half made fundamentally, one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

You think he would have learned from the first time, from 3 years of being a father to our eldest child, but no, clearly he lost himself for a moment, he let himself slip, and he messed up. Hugely.

He told me he was tired. *shudder*

His exact words were “Come on Luce, I’ve barely slept!”.

Let the red mist descend.

I’m sorry that you’ve only been fast asleep soundly since 11pm, whilst I have been woken every hour on the hour with your 5 month old insisting on milk AGAIN.

I’m sorry you’ve managed to not so much as stir, when she wakes for the 5th time that night, crying for milk as if she hasn’t been fed for a month.

I’m sorry that you’ve ‘barely slept’ so much that your snoring began to reverberate through the walls and probably woke our next door neighbour as well as me and the girls.

I’m sorry that you were barely sleeping when our 3 year old wanted a cuddle at 3 in the morning, and then had the audacity to ask for Daddy when I went in!

I’m sorry that in the last week, I have only slept in my own bed twice, including one night curled up in a hospital chair using my coat as a pillow.

But it’s ok darling. I’m so sorry you’ve barely slept.

Let me prop your pillows! Would you like a Horlicks to help you sleep? A back rub? Maybe a bedtime story?

Can you imagine what would happen if we changed roles for a week???

Rant over.

Sleep deprivation is officially the hardest part of being a parent. Here’s some Random Facts About Sleep for those who aren’t getting any!! x




  1. Tracey Kifford

    As someone suffering with jet lag at the moment I couldn’t believe it when I simply couldn’t sleep AT ALL last night. Exhausted but unable to sleep is the worst thing ever, so I really sympathise 🙁


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