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Time for a DeClutter with eBay

Time for a DeClutter with eBay

With Neve having turned one last week, I have had to start being honest with myself. The baby days are over and it’s time for a declutter.

As Erin grew up, all of her clothes, shoes and toys were packed away into the loft for safe keeping, knowing that if we ever had a second child we would be able to use them again. Re-use them we have, and I have saved an absolute fortune on Neve by using hand-me-downs and the essentials we saved from Erin. This time however, there is NOT going to be a 3rd child, and as such, some of these baby items that are taking up valuable storage space in our home have GOT to go.

I recently used eBay to list some of the items we no longer require. I used to use eBay all the time back when I was a student, but this time, the clear out is long overdue.

If you haven’t used eBay before, or haven’t listed for a while, here are some things you may have forgotten…

  • Selling on eBay is super quick and easy – you can list your unwanted items using their handy eBay app, snapping images and writing your listings on your phone. You can use multiple images to showcase your items to their best potential.
  • YOU set the starting price, so you can be confident that if your item sells, it will bring in a pre-determined minimum price. Alternatively you can use a Buy it Now option, where you set the exact price you would like your item to sell for. In my recent experience, I found setting a low starting price of 99p worked really well. Although it may feel a bit risky to start low, it attracted lots of watchers (with my one auction having over 26 watchers as it approached the closing time).
  • If you decide to use the auction setting, you get notified automatically on your phone app when the bids start to come through. There is NO better feeling than all those pings in the last few hours and minutes as a little bidding war starts between buyers! This will make me sound like a total loser, but it is quite exciting! 🙂
  • eBay exposes your unwanted items to hundreds and thousands of potential buyers, across the whole of the UK. I have used local Facebook selling groups before, however got a LOT less for my items and they were only available to a very small pool of local buyers. With the Facebook groups being so busy, it is often a case of people only seeing your items as you post it and as such, often quality items get missed. On eBay people can easily search for the items they are looking for, exposing your items to a far larger group.
  • Once your items have sold, payment can be made instantly via paypal, which is very quick and very easy – when my items sold, payment was in my account BEFORE I posted the item. Postage prices are set by you and you can post by whichever method you prefer. I found that for some of the larger items My Hermes was a cheaper method than Royal Mail, and items could be dropped off at my local Coop for collection.
  • Want to raise money for a good cause at the same time as having a clear out? You can even specify a % of your earnings to go directly to a charity of your choice. I absolutely love this feature, as it is great to donate a bit of my money to a charity close to my heart.

This week I have used eBay to sell four bundles of girls clothing, including some super cute Christmas jumpers and outfits that the girls have literally only worn once. I love the fact that the items I no longer need can be used and loved by someone else. Baby items and clothing are so expensive, and it is a good feeling to be able to help another Mum benefit from a discounted price for a nearly new item!

From the four auctions I listed in September as part of my back to work clear out, all four sold within a 5 day listing and I made some much needed funds in the process.

I have now, much to my other half’s joy, got a bit of an eBay bug, and will be having another big clear out prior to Christmas. Having been on zero pay for the last three months, any funds raised will come in VERY handy whilst I try and last out until my first pay day at the end of October!

If you want to have your own pre Christmas clearout, download the eBay app here, and you can be selling your own items in minutes!

Have fun!



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  1. Laura

    I love eBay for buying stuff but am so lazy when it comes to selling! Really need to get on it though so thanks for the prompt!

  2. Ashleigh Dougherty

    I’ve not sold anything on ebay for such a long time. I always forget that it exists and end up throwing things away instead!

  3. Lucy Dorrington

    Ebay does make it easy to sell, I just need to get around to the decluttering part!

  4. five little doves

    I just started using ebay this week after a few years off and I’m hoping to make a sale! Hopefully once I sell some of our clutter I can buy some more!

  5. Rebecca

    The eBay app is fantastic, it’s so easy to use! I’ve cleared out quite a few things over the past year using it too.

  6. Patrick

    I declutter all the time and either donate or toss out the unwanted items. I still think you should out for that third child!!

    • loosea

      Ha ha no chance!!!!

  7. Elinor Hill aka Beach Hut Cook

    Your post has prompted me to get back into Ebay selling. I did it for a while and really enjoyed it. Right, I’m so on this!

  8. Mary Abbott

    I keep meaning to sell stuff on ebay but never get round to it. Well done I’m sure it was worth it!

  9. Evija

    I need to do a de-clutter but I just can’t find time to do it.. I used to use ebay quite a lot for buying and selling.. Thanks for sharing..

  10. Rhian Westbury

    I do find selling things on Ebay can be great to get rid of clutter and make yourself some extra money, although the trips to the post office can be a nightmare x

  11. Clare

    I have a few things to list on ebay this month, I don’t know why I keep putting it off!

  12. Claire

    I haven ‘t sold on Webay for years. My Son came home from Uni over the Summer and sold us all a few bits each to help us all out. I really need to open an account 🙂

    • Claire

      Sorry, not sure how the W got on eBay 🙁

  13. tots2travel

    I love EBay, apart from trudging to the post office it works brilliantly.

  14. Nichola - Globalmouse

    I haven’t sold anything on ebay in ages but I could definitely do with a clear out, I need to get more organised so this could be a good start.

  15. Super Busy Mum

    I haven’t sold or bought anything on eBay for a while due to my account being hacked – before that though it was amazing place that I used to use for everything.

  16. Kara

    I have fallen out of love with ebay. I used to sell all the time but things just don;t seem to sell these days or people claim they have not been receieved

    • loosea

      What happens then? Do you get proof of postage? X

  17. Stephanie

    I need a good clear out, and really want to get on with it before xmas build up too. You have reminded me to get on with it!

  18. Jacqueline

    This is a great post because I’ve often wondered if I should sell items on eBay. Like you I like to declutter. I don’t believe in holding onto things forever. I have a stamp collection that I really don’t care to keep anymore so I will look into selling on eBay this week!

  19. Chloe Ciliberto

    I love ebay for decluttering and selling things. It’s so sad clearing out all the baby things though!!! 🙁 xx

  20. Jaymee (@_TheMumDiaries)

    It has been awhile since i last sold on ebay. The fee’s and postage really puts me off using it! However it is alot of fun in the wait till your item has sold


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