Who doesn’t love the fairies? I absolutely love watching Erin use her imagination. There is nothing cuter than having insight into the mind of a nearly four year old, and the magic that seems to live around every corner. From Father Christmas and Elf on the Shelf to the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, we love anything that creates some magical memories. It is so much fun watching the sparkle in her eyes as she experiences the magic that has taken place before her.

We were recently approached by The Irish Fairy Door Company to see if we would like to review one of their Fairy Doors with Erin. I immediately knew that these would go down an absolute treat, and had a sneeky feeling that I would enjoy having fairies in our home just as much as her!

About the Product

The Irish Fairy Door Company sell a variety of wooden fairy doors and accessories.

These adorable wooden doors attach to a skirting board, window sill, wall on shelf and are approximately 12cm in height. They are available in a variety of different colours and styles.

Each door comes with a magic key in a miniature bottle, three stepping stones, a Family / Fairy Lease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and a Fairy Welcome Guide, a book you can read to your children to set the scene upon their arrival.

As well as the doors themselves, The Irish Fairy Door Company also sell accessories such as wall stickers and props to create a fairy scene. We love the bench, the tooth plate and the miniature mailbox! 🙂

The door have an RRP of £16.99 with accessories starting at just £3.95.

Our Experience

I was really impressed with the fairy door when it arrived. We opted for a pink door to match Erin’s newly painted rose walls. The door has great attention to detail, including little hinges, door knocker, and a large daisy flower in the centre.

We decided to set up the fairy door up in the room when Erin was at preschool so that it would be a surprise waiting for her on her return.

Erin was VERY excited when she saw it. Having read the Fairy Guide that came with it, I explained to Erin that if she was a good girl, the fairy would come on the first night and take the magic key whilst she was asleep, before moving into her new home in Erin’s room. It was adorable to see how Erin responded to this story, and I could already see her imagination kicking in.

Once Erin was asleep, I took the key away, and replaced it with a little thank you note from her fairy ‘Rosie’ aka ‘Twinkle Pie’.

Her little face in the morning was such a special moment. She was really excited to see that the key had gone.

She then proceeded to tell me that she’d seen Rosie arrive during the night, and that she had left her a cookie, a cupcake and a KitKat! Cheeky fairy!

We have been communicating with Rosie regularly since. I asked Erin to draw a picture of what she thought the fairy looked like and we left this out for her to see. This totally melted my heart!

Erin enjoys leaving things for Rosie to collect or writing a message with my help to pass on.

From a Mum’s point of view, the fairy door has been helpful for eliciting good behaviour – the threat of telling Rosie is usually enough to make her snap out of whatever she is doing wrong, whether it be resisting bedtime, not tidying her room or refusing to use her ‘listening ears’ 🙂

Rosie wrote to her to say congratulations when Erin got into her first choice of school, and even left a little treat for Erin outside one morning when Erin had been particularly well behaved.

From a parents point of view, the opportunities are endless, but in a simliar was to The Elf on the Shelf, you  get back what you put in. The more you interact with your child and the door, the more magical memories you can create as a result. With each fairy door is an online code to register your fairy – this can then send you updates and inspiration to use with your communications. Please note this code is on the inside of your packaging so don’t forget to jot it down before you throw it away!

Overall, we fell in love with our Irish Fairy Door, and it has been a very welcome addition to Erin’s new bedroom.


  • Adorable attractive design, which looks super cute set up in your child’s bedroom.
  • Great for encouraging imagination and interactive play
  • Useful tool for encouraging good behaviour and rewarding / reinforcing positive actions.
  • Children will love waiting to hear back from their fairies
  • Spans a wide age range as can be used with younger children (I would say 3 and above) but the online code and lease agreement detail are more suitable to children up to 7/8 years (IMO)
  • Wonderful range of accessories available to enhance and add to your fairy world! 🙂


  • Some of the accessories are fairly small, so could a) get lost fairly easily or b) need to be hidden away from younger siblings.
  • Not exactly a con, but something to be aware of whilst the imagination element is great, you obviously need to invest in the concept to get the best out of it – and that will inevitably include sneaking back into your child’s room in the middle of the night to leave a little note/surprise/drawing etc. I personally absolutely LOVE this, however there is a small risk of waking said child…. it hasn’t happened yet thank god 🙂

You can check out the full range of doors and accessories available to buy at The Irish Fairy Door Company.

Fancy winning your own? We have one Fairy Door to give away (in the winner’s choice of colour!) – to enter use the Gleam app below. Good luck! 

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