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Bring back TV of the 80s!

Bring back TV of the 80s!

After sitting through yet another episode of Peppa Pig this evening, I began to reminisce of the programmes I personally watched as a child. If you ask me, some of the children’s TV shows from the 80’s and 90’s were absolute classics, and should be bought back immediately, or at least for a week of flashbacks! There’s bound to be some politically correct madness or health & safety implication that means they can’t!

Here are some of my personal favourites – how many do you remember?

Fun House

Ok, is there anyone who didn’t want to be on Fun House? Pat Sharp at the pinnacle of his career with his ultra cool long mullet, the adorable twins Melanie and Martina, and not to forget, the chance to win a Sony Walkman or some Roller Skates!!! I used to dream of taking part in the Fun House Kart Grand Prix, and used to shout at the TV if someone drove past a token or went too slowly. You couldn’t beat the tension as the twins totted up the totals, and revealed which team would be entering the Fun House to win prizes! At home, we all knew where the power prize was (unless you chose to look away!) but the contestants didn’t – making it all the more exciting to see if they found it.


Art Attack

Neil Buchannan with his baggy red jumper flying in enthusiastically like a miniature human in a world of oversized  pens and pencils, creating craft projects that we all wanted to create at home. Then came the best part of the show – the BIG ART ATTACK where Neil used sand or pieces of metal to create a massive project which could only be truly appreciated from above! These days Neil is part of rock band called Marseille – apparently changing his red jumper for leather! Who knew?!

art attack

The Poddington Peas…

I can still, 25 odd years later remember the entire theme tune of this classic – an animated world of peas who lived “at the bottom of the garden amongst the birds and the bees”. I’ve always wondered if Will-I-Am plagiarised the name Black Eyed Pea(s) from the show’s mischievous villain (who hung around with Creep-Pea). My personal favourites were Sweet-Pea the glamourous female pea, and PC Pod – protecting the village from crime! 🙂

poddington peas

The Shoe People

Another personal favourite was The Shoe People, and I particularly enjoyed begging my mum for a 10p Shoe People chocolate bar from Safeway (equivalent size to a Freddo) and seeing which of my favourite characters I had inside. The show was based around a Shoe Repair Shop – where the owner put any shoes he couldn’t repair in the back room. Here became the secret world of The Shoe People – with a range of styles and backgrounds. Again I had my favourites – these included Margot the ballerina who loved to dance, PC Boot who had a bit of a lisp and baby bootee who was simply incredibly cute 🙂


The Raggy Dolls

Set in a toy factory, The Raggy Dolls was based around a group of toys that had been rejected due to faults and flaws. The opening credits featured a large conveyor belt of toys, and showed the ones who weren’t perfect being picked off and thrown into the reject bin. My namesake Lucy was one of the main characters – which probably increased my enjoyment of the show – she was a shy and nervous doll who was very easily frightened, which at the time summed me up pretty well! Of course no fans of the show would forget Sad Sack – a gloomy yet friendly character resembling a large gingerbread man! raggydolls

Are there any favourites that I have missed, which ones did you watch??

Lucy x



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