The Christmas Clothing Conundrum

The Christmas Clothing Conundrum

What do you wear at Christmas? The traditions seem to differ from one family to the next. When comparing to my close friends, there seems to be a LOT of variety in the outfit of choice! Do you dig out your Christmas Jumper’s on the big day and pop out the stretchy Joey style bottoms, perfect for the copious amount of turkey and quality street you are going to consume, or do you use Christmas as an excuse to party like it’s 1999, popping on your glad rags and making a real effort for friends and family?

In our house, we tend to do a combination of the two. Christmas Eve is alllllll about the Christmas Jumpers – comfort is key! We have my dad over for a Christmas Eve dinner (bribing him with a lovely roast in exchange for his talents in DIY and building wooden toys). After we’ve eaten, the girls snuggle up in a cosy Christmas jumper and pj bottoms and watch a traditional Christmas movie before bed. I say girls – obviously last year Neve was 3 months old and hadn’t got a bloody clue what was happening – this year is slightly different. The excitement is brewing to almost overflowing levels already, and therefore the chance of them both sitting still enough to actually watch the film from their Christmas Eve box is pretty slim! That said, the girls have matching Christmas Jumpers this year from Boots Mini Club – and even if they do squabble and bicker 85% of the time, they look pretty darn cute in them and could easily fool you into believing that they are pretty affectionate sisters! 🙂

On Christmas Day itself, I personally love nothing more than dressing up. I don’t get out much – breastfeeding, a baby who still wakes about 25 times a night and severe sleep deprivation will do that to you – so my opportunities for making myself look semi presentable are pretty few and far between. Christmas Day is therefore my opportunity to attempt to move away from Slummy Mummy and attempt a festive frock. I LOVE getting the girls dressed up too.

Erin is a typically girly girl, so the prospect of wearing a dress that twirls when she spins is enough to make her squeal with excitement. This combined with a large satin bow at the waist and sequins that sparkle when she moves, pretty much make this All Dressed Up Sequin Dress number the perfect option for her!

With it’s sophisticated silver shade and a matching pink version for Neve, the girls are going to be perfect little princesses for our Christmas festivities, and Erin has it hung on her wardrobe door ready in anticipation. You have to admire her appreciation for fashion even at the age of four! 🙂

Whatever you decide to wear this Christmas, whether you stay in your PJs all day, embrace the jumper, bring out your ball gowns or wear a combination of all three – enjoy every moment. Here at Real Mum Reviews I’d like to thank each and every one of you for following my blog over the last 12 months – and wish you all a very Merry Christmas – here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!


*The items featured were press samples from Boots Mini Club – as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own* 


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