Give Me Space Campaign

Give Me Space Campaign

Today is an exciting day – the day the Give Me Space campaign is launched. Something that ALL parents and parents to be should be aware of and be supporting!

I recently shared the great news that Tesco are beginning to clamp down on those who abuse Parent & Child spaces – which is great news – but this campaign goes even further to help keep our children and unborn children, safe in public places.

Watch my video to learn more about the Give Me Space Campaign #givemespace and how you can get involved!

To sign the petition, get your free car sticker, or to learn more about the campaign, visit the Give Me Space Campaign pages here:

Give Me Space 

Please share my video to help spread the word. The petition is live now and needs your signature!





  1. Gareth Torrance

    Completely agree with this! As a father, I have so many arguements with people who park in parent and child spaces without a child or not being pregnant… I’ve even been told that we parents should “stop being so lazy and just walk from other spaces like everyone else”… That one really made me angry.

  2. Jaymee (@_TheMumDiaries)

    I really hope the campaign takes off! unfortunately I think you will always get some people who choose to park where they shouldn’t. 🙁 I haven’t really got a story to tell but you have my support!

  3. Deb Sharratt

    Great campaign – and very clearly explained too x

  4. GeorgiNa

    I was going to London on the train when pregnant and was dreading it for this reason, so nervous of overcrowding but luckily it was fine!

  5. Babiesandbeauty

    Yes!!! I get so angry with those parking in parent and child, I don’t mind so much when it’s empty but during peak times it infuriates me.

  6. Emily and indiana

    Such a brilliant campaign, but isn’t it so sad that these needs to be a thing? People just do not care about parent parking spaces, and more definitely needs to be done to enforce them! Have signed xx


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