I can’t believe another Wednesday has come around already! We are off to The Baby Show this weekend, so looking forward to some shopping and catching up with friends! 🙂

I hope you’re all having a good week and that you have some fun posts to link up for this week’s Hump Day Linky – our midweek linky to celebrate the countdown to the weekend. As always, anything goes!

My favourite two posts from last week were from:

Mummy Times Two ‘There will always be a last time” – this post made me a tad emotional, as I know that Neve is definitely my last child. As annoying as those night feeds can be, there will ultimately always be a last one – I should cherish every sleepy cuddle I can get!


OddHogg – My Toddler Can’t Walk – and that’s ok! – One thing I hate about parenting is the constant need for comparison with people acting like development of our babies is some kind of competition. I love this post because Kim hits the nail on the head – our babies are all different, and whether they walk at 8 months or 18 months, they are all individual and special in their own right!

On to this weeks link up –

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