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Hump Day Linky 27/9

Hump Day Linky 27/9

Welcome back to Hump Day Linky and thanks for joining me on my weekly linky to celebrate Hump Day – the middle of the week, and the downhill journey to the weekend!

This week I am TIRED. I started my new job last week and whilst it was great and everyone is absolutely lovely, it is mentally exhausting starting a new job and when Neve sleeps as badly as she does it is hard to stay full of beans! I also had an AMAZING day at Blog On Xmas in Manchester this weekend, thanks to my sponsor Onlookr, and finally got to meet some of the bloggers with whom I have been chatting for months.

So, on to the linky…..

My favourite two posts from last week were from

So Happy In Towns’ post about How we talk to our children about terrorist attacks – although its something we wish we didn’t have to think about, it is becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, and as such any thing we can do to help our children understand and not live in fear is helpful!


Captain BobCats’ Home made Pizza sauce with extra veggies – as a mother to two picky eaters, this is a great way of sneaking some goodness into an otherwise treat like family favourite!

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Real Mum Reviews

I look forward to reading your posts this week!

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