I love magazines. In the rare moments I get to have some ‘me’ time, I love nothing more than sitting in a big comfy chair and having some much needed escapism – catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, checking out the latest fashion trends, or reading about the latest baby products to come on the market.

There used to be a time when my whole house would be cluttered with copies of Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, and then moving on to Hello Magazine and Mother & Baby, but in recent months I haven’t bought a single one. And not for the reasons you might think.

Is this a boycott against photo shopped images? Nah. I know it happens, and I am intelligent enough to appreciate that the images I see are a far jump from reality.  I will raise my daughter to know that the reality of beauty is far from what she will see on the cover of a magazine.

Is it a frustration with the number of advertisements? Nah. Although I have to admit the number of advertorial pages in some modern mags is appalling.

No, it is far simpler than that. I have found a way to read them for FREE via my local library on my phone or ipad.

Sure, I miss the novelty of turning the pages and the gorgeous smell of freshly printed paper, but I can still get my quota of escapism, on my ipad thanks to Zinio.

The concept is very simple. Your local library gives you an online code to access their online magazine network via the Zinio for Libraries app. Once registered and linked to your library account, you can simple download CURRENT editions of your favourite magazines and read them right there on your phone. You can even be alerted when a new addition comes out.

Here are just a small selection of magazines available on the app:

  • Mother & Baby
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Elle
  • Glamour
  • Grazia
  • Marie Claire
  • Woman & Home
  • Chat

I have saved an absolute fortune reading my magazines on Zinio, and can honestly say I will most likely never buy an actual magazine ever again!

For those of you who fail to see the value of libraries, now might just be the time to pay them a visit!

PS – I assume this is a UK wide initiative and not just a Solihull Council thing. Might be worth investigating with your local library before you pay a visit!! 🙂