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Little Leaps Week 1 – 4 Month Sleep Regression

Little Leaps Week 1 – 4 Month Sleep Regression

Welcome to the first Little Leaps Linky – my new fortnightly Linky celebrating all things developmental. Your posts can be celebrating your child’s first words, steps or foods, a monthly update, your experience of a developmental challenge such as teething or sleep regressions, or simply a summary of how your child has changed. If you’re a fellow blogger, come and share them with us, and link up with other parents who might be going through the same thing! šŸ™‚

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Here’s my update for this week! šŸ™‚

Four Month Sleep Regression

Ok, I admit it. I made a mistake. I made a properĀ rookieĀ schoolboy error in the world of parenting. I got complacent.

I felt like I had finally got into my stride as a Mum of two, and when people would ask me “How is she sleeping?” my reply was – “Great actually, SO much better than her sister was – she is really good!”. I would wake up in the morning without feeling tired, and dare I say it, quite refreshed.

Big mistake. Simply uttering those words appeared to tempt fate, and before I knew what was happening, the dreaded four month sleep regression appears to have reared its ugly head!

As I said, Neve had been sleeping wonderfully. She would go to sleep for the night at around 9pm, and wake just once for a feed, usually between 2 and 3am, before settling back down quickly for another 5 hour stint. This was totally manageable, a treat even, and I didn’t feel sleep deprived at all.

Trust me, I know what sleep deprivation feels like. Utter torture.Ā Erin didn’t sleep through the night until she was 2(!) and as a baby would feed almost every hour on the hour. In comparison, Neve’s sleeping pattern felt like a dream.

But then it all changed. Probably coincidence, but Neve’s sleeping hasn’t been quite right since her 16 week immunisations. The pattern has now completely gone – some nights she will have a good night, like last night, and sleepĀ in 5 hour stretches. Unfortunately, ironically I don’t usually sleep on those nights (I have an overactive brain!!). Then, obviously, on the nights when I am exhausted, she wakes 3 or 4 times a night.

I have tried not feeding her, but man! She is HUNGRY! She also appears to have inherited my HANGRY gene, so there is no distracting her –Ā she certainly knows what she wants!!

I am hoping that as with most things in parenting, this four month sleep regression is just a phase. She is definitely having a bit of a growth spurt, having taken a bit of a jump on the percentile chart when I had her weighed. For someone who was a tiny dot on the 9th percentile born, she is now heading towards the 75th. A squidgy, plasticineĀ handed, chunky thighed little bundle of joy, and I couldn’t be more proud.

So if you see me in the shops walking around like a zombie, or catch me pouring lemonade on my cereal instead of milk, remind me, “It is just a phase!!!”.

What Little Leaps have your little ones taken this fortnight?



  1. Sarah @runjumpscrap

    oh noooo i’m still wondering if this will hit us yet! You do get so complacent and then no sleep is flipping awful. The 4 months jabs are not nice at all. Hope she settles for you hun and you have reminded me to get my munch weighed….been a loooong time! Thanks for hosting x

    • loosea

      Hopefully you’ll manage to swerve it! The jabs are horrid. So glad we have no more until they are one now!! #littleleaps

  2. Jenna

    Oh God, I have this all to come. Mind you, my Little E is still waking for feeds about every 2 hours so I can relate to the sleep deprivation. Yesterday I put my trousers on the wrong way round… and then did the same thing when I was dressing the toddler. Gah!

    Thanks for hosting #LittleLeaps

    • loosea

      Ha ha bless you! My first was always sug Abbas sleeper – so I know the feeling! Not sure I ever put trousers on wrong way though!


    Argh it’s so hard isn’t it? Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, a regression/leap/teething phase/illness comes along and messes it all up! Hopefully it will be short-lived for you and knowing Neve *can* sleep well, means she will slip back into a good pattern! #LittleLeaps

  4. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    Oh the sleep regression is tough, Cora is 7 months now and has never recovered šŸ™



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