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Living Arrows Week 3/52

Living Arrows Week 3/52

2017 is the year that I am taking part in LOTS more linkies, as not only are they a great way to capture my children growing up, but also a fab way of getting to know lots more bloggers. I have loved reading the posts as part of the Living Arrows linky, so this week I am joining in the fun.

The Living Arrows linky was set up by Donna from What the Readhead Said, and is all about celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday, the Living Arrows Linky asks bloggers to share a moment from their week.

This week, I had a difficult few days, as Neve had a bit of a delayed reaction to her 16 week jabs and was fractious and upset all morning from the moment she woke up. Poor Erin had to help Mummy as much as she could and occupy herself a bit whilst I was otherwise engaged. It is so unlike Neve to get upset as she is normally such a calm and contented baby, so it really took me off guard. It is times like this that I realise just how much I miss my Mum, as she would have swooped in like Mary Poppins and made everything better!

I was feeling quite sorry for myself, when I had an email come through from Erin’s preschool with a photograph of a self portrait project they had done, using a mirror to observe their own reflection and attempt to draw their own face. On opening the email my heart literally melted, and any feelings of frustration and anger simply faded away! 🙂

Not only am I super proud of how good her drawing is for her age, but I LOVE the fact that her self portrait looks so happy, and she looks so chuffed with herself holding up the finished design! 🙂

We have submitted her school applications this week and I cannot believe that this September, my eldest, my baby, will be starting school. She is growing up so fast, but I could not be more proud of her and love watching her little personality develop.

Neve is also growing up fast – when getting her weighed last week the health visitor said that she has taken a bit of a jump up the percentile chart. Erin was such a petite little baby that I am not used to having a little chubster – I love the little rolls on her arms and legs and feel super proud of the fact I have stuck with the breastfeeding despite all the challenges we had in the early days.

I look forward to reading some of the other Living Arrows posts this week!

See you then!

Living Arrows


  1. Emily and indiana

    Oh poor Neve, I hate seeing a poorly little one! Hope she’s feeling better soon :). Well done Erin on her drawing too, that’s brilliant!! xx

  2. Adventures of Mummy and Me

    What a clever little one for that drawing! It’s great for such a young age! Lot’s of lurgies in our house too this week. I hate seeing the little ones ill, but there’s so much going around at the moment, you can’t seem to miss it! 🙁 #LivingArrows

  3. Donna

    They both look so happy! I would have melted at that self portrait too. My youngest is starting school in September – the end of an era!! We can support each other x


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