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Make Your Own – Rudolf Sweet Cones

Make Your Own – Rudolf Sweet Cones

This time next week is Christmas Eve and the kids and I are super excited.  Well ok, me and Erin are super excited…. Neve really hasn’t got a clue what is going on! 🙂 We are going to my in laws on Christmas Day and all taking a few food bits with us to make the ultimate Christmas dinner! I decided to make some Rudolf Reindeer Sweet Cones to take around as after dinner treats suitable for the whole family. I have seen these before on Pinterest, and thought that even I could manage to make these without too much of a Pinterest Fail! 🙂

Rudolf Reindeer Sweet Cone

I love how easy these are to make and your kids will love helping – especially with adding the eyes and bringing the Reindeer to life. The designs can also be adapted to make hot chocolate  cones using hot chocolate mix and marshmallows instead of sweets.

You will need:-

  • cellophane sweet cones (available from Amazon, cake shops and eBay)
  • chocolate such as minstrels, malteasers, choc buttons etc
  • red sweets such as strawbs, haribo hearts or lips
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • googley eyes (self adhesive for ease!).

Erin loved helping pop all the sweets into the bag – and yes, it was a bit of a challenge to stop her eating them all on the way. First we added four or five red sweets and then topped up the rest of the bag to around half way with minstrels.

Rudolf Reindeer Sweet Cone

Using the pipe cleaner we tied a knot to seal the bag and then used my finger to create looped antlers (see pic)

Rudolf Reindeer Sweet Cone

Erin then added the eyes to create Rudolf’s face! We had adhesive eyes, so this was really straight forward. Alternatively you will just need a bit of glue to stick them in place.

Rudolf Reindeer Sweet Cone

And that’s it! It really is as simple as that! These would make great gifts for teachers or preschool staff, stocking fillers, contents for a Christmas Eve box or an under the tree surprise! 🙂

Rudolf Reindeer Sweet Cone

Happy making!! 🙂

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