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My Unconventional Valentine

My Unconventional Valentine

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it seems that there are a whole range of views on Valentine’s Day from the nonchalant to the extreme. Whilst I am pretty open with my emotions, I am far from being a soppy romantic, and the day you see me pouring out soppy verses and ‘roses are red’ style poems is the day that I begin to question where Lucy has gone, and who on earth has replaced me!!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I like to express my feelings in a much more jovial and light hearted way. If you too are like me, go and check out Love Layla Designs – who have a range of cards and Valentine’s accessories to suit every type of relationship this February! From the Bed Sharer to the Remote  Stealer, the Chip Nicker to the Boob Lover – here are some of my favourites from their online selection!

The Bed Sharer….

In most modern relationships we have the benefit, (or in my case the punishment – see Five Types of Bloody Snoring) of sharing a bed with our partners. As much as I moan about the snoring, the sleep running (yes really) and the dutch oven farts that I hear sneaking out with a ppffffft in the early hours of the morning, It is fair to say there’s no one else I’d rather steal a cover from, elbow in the ribs in the early hours of the morning, or snuggle up with when it’s pelting down with rain outside.

Love layla valentines cards

The Remote Stealer…

In my house, I am not allowed to even so much as touch the remote let alone hold it. If Mike accidentally lets go for a nano second and loses skin to remote contact, major panic stations arise. As I don’t watch much TV, it’s not a major issue for me that I don’t get to dictate the viewing, so Mike gets to watch his choice most of the time. I do feel sorry for sister’s boyfriend however, who has to sit through episode after episode of Say Yes to The Dress and Dinner Date.

True love is when you watch rubbish TV just because it makes your other half happy, or let them have the remote for just one show a day, in my case; Neighbours, which I have watched pretty much all of my life!! 🙂

Love layla valentines cards

The Chip Nicker

We’ve all seen the MEME’s – true love is pretty much two people constantly trying to decide what they want to have to eat. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, what takeaway to chose from or simply what choice to select from the menu, these conversations pretty much make up the discussions in our relationship 90% of the time. In fact, if I am truly honest, I am not sure if me and Mike would actually talk at all if we took food out the equation! 🙂

Mike loves cooking, loves thining up new dishes, and loves eating, but that said, never try and nick a chip. Like Joey, mike doesn’t share food!!!

Love layla valentines cards and wine bottle sticker

The Boob Lover

Out of all the cards at Love Layla, I (perhaps bizarrely) felt this one represented me the most. As a breastfeeding Mum, I still have the benefit of somewhat exaggerated breasts, and so this one is not only factually correct but sure to raise a smile – the perfect balance of affection and cheekiness.

Love layla valentines cards

If you like your messages to be a little more on the naughty side, Love Layla has plenty more options which will be right up your street too. These ones need no interpretation what so ever as there message is pretty clear, just not so family friendly for my parenting blog 😉

You can see the full range of Valentines Cards and wine bottle stickers from Love Layla on their online shop.

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