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#NoddyChallenge Rainy Day Craft

#NoddyChallenge Rainy Day Craft

This last week of British summertime has been… well… somewhat disappointing to say the least! When looking for a fun activity to keep the girls entertained I came across the #NoddyChallenge with Tots100 and The Book People – a challenge to create a fun art, food or craft project inspired by Noddy. We are big Noddy fans in this house, having grown up with Noddy as a child in the 80’s myself. He’s changed somewhat in that time (haven’t we all!) but his little hat, bell and red and yellow car are hard to forget.

With a big cardboard box taking up room in our hall and waiting to go in recycling the choice was obvious – and whilst the crafting would be down to just me and Erin, I knew from Neve’s reaction to the box alone, that the finished creation would be something that both the girls could enjoy!

The whole craft project was super easy and took only about an hour from start to finish. A perfect activity to create with older children whilst the baby naps!

To make your own Noddymobile will need:-

– a large cardboard box

– scissors

– strong tape

– red, yellow, white and brown paint.

First we (Mummy did this bit because of sharp scissors!) cut off the top flaps of a large cardboard box and shaped the sides before folding in the front flap and taping into place.

Using the cardboard pieces we removed we cut out the shapes of wheels, a grill, wheel trims, headlight and of course Noddy’s number plate!

Then Erin was in her element, painting all the individual pieces in red, white and brown, as well as lots of layers of yellow for the car itself. The yellow went a bit greeny because of the box colour, so this bit took a bit longer than anticipated but she got there in the end! I painted the grill and number plate as spelling Noddy is a bit beyond her remit for now!

Once dry I created loops of tape before Erin stuck them all the pieces in place, and the car was slowly bought to life.

As soon as the sun came out again we took the Noddymobile out for ‘spin’ in the garden, bringing Neve out for her first look at the finished car!

Neve found the whole thing absolutely hillarious as Erin pretended to drive whilst cuddling Neve as she sat between her legs.

For a super quick activity, this Noddy craft was so much fun and created lots of laughter with the girls!

A big thanks to Tots100 and The Book People for our activity inspiration! The Book People have been sharing Noddy inspired crafts all week so head over to their Facebook page for lots more fun filled crafts and bakes to entertain the kids this summer!

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  1. OddHogg

    This looks fab! I would definitely have thought it would take much longer than an hour so you did well!

  2. Mummy Times Two

    I love this! It looks like they both had a fantastic time!

  3. Oldhouseintheshires

    Their faces say it all! What fun! This is a great activity….I love that young children can’t get enough of a cardboard box! Lovely post. Thank you for choosing my post as your favourite last week. Xxx #humpdaylinky

  4. Eva katona

    Fanta Idea, my husband builds carton box cars on every given occasion but this is even better, making it togetuwith the children. #humpdaylinky

  5. Ray

    Wonderful idea! We have a big box in Luke’s room at the moment that’s just begging for a bit of love. #HumpDay

  6. Becki Cockcroft

    Awww that’s such a cute idea. Noddy terrifies me though >.< #humpdaylinky

  7. Susie

    What an amazing Noddy car you created and the girls look so happy in it! Wonderful old skool craft and who needs more than a cardboard box? Wins every time. #HumpDayLinky

  8. Lisa (mumdadplus4)

    Ah how cute are your kids. My boys love Noddy we just never have time for crafts at the minute we are always super busy #HumpdayLinky

  9. Helen @Talking_Mums

    Aww what a fab idea. I’ll be keeping this one in mind for ideas over the holidays. Thank you x

  10. Tubbs

    That looks amazing! A real Noddy car! Wow!

  11. Tracey Bowden

    This is absolutely brilliant! I love how happy they look with it! #humpdaylinky


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