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Our Dietitian Journey – You Just Need to Persist

Our Dietitian Journey – You Just Need to Persist

You just need to persist“.

Those five words actually make me want to punch someone in the face. Two months into our dietitian journey and it’s fair to say that nothing has changed. No new foods, no miracle cure like I was hoping for a baby who is still as unsettled as ever. 

Neve is now nearly 13 months old and is yet to eat an actual meal. When asked what we can do to help her the message is always the same… ‘you just need to persist’. 

As much as I don’t doubt this is true, the very sound of those words builds up a little bubble of fury in my body.  Persisting is HARD. I’ve been persisting since she was 8 months old. I persist every single day.

I spend a fortune on food and snacks only for them to be wasted, and lay out a variety of bits to try and tempt her, only for Neve to bring out her ‘swipe left swipe right’ tactic that would make most tinder users proud. Within minutes, 90% of what is laid on her tray is littered on the floor around her. If I am lucky, a piece of sweetcorn will make contact with her lips for all of about five seconds before quickly being discarded. Give her a carrot she will play with it, a blueberry? Squash it. A green bean? Throw it. 

Has anything changed from my last post? No, not really. She’s had some massive changes in her life in recent weeks,  mainly me going back to work and with that her milk entitlements during the day drastically reducing. I was hoping reducing the amount of breast milk would make her more hungry during the day and thus more likely to attempt new things, but as of yet, this has made no change what so ever. Instead she gets through the day as normal, but pretty much pounces on me the second I walk through the door at 5.30pm and then catches up by feeding like a newborn all through the night..

We’ve faced sickness bugs, viral infections, blisters on her tongue with an unknown cause (probably from over suckling if the truth be known!) and copious amounts of amoxicillin, but still no breakthrough.

The result? A 13 month old who still lives on stage 1 purée and disolveable snacks and a Mum who is surviving on about 2 hours sleep a night as her baby breastfeeds like her life depends on it.  As much as I want the rest after a full day at work, I still hate bedtime.

I am tired of persisting. 

I am exhausted

Is this just another phase that she will suddenly snap out of? Who knows. Like most things in parenting, you never quite know whats going to happen. I hope that in a few months time I will be sharing a more successful instalment in our dietitian journey, but for now? Persist, persist, persist.




  1. five little doves

    I’m sorry that you haven’t seen any changes over the last few months, it is so hard when you don’t feel you are getting the help. We went through the same with Megan and literally travelled the country looking for help, paying private and searching for answers. In the end she simply grew out of her issues (most of them!) but it felt like forever waiting! xx

  2. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Oh how tough for you 🙁 this must be such an emotional time. I don’t have any words of expertise, but sending hugs. Hang in there mummy x

  3. Jazmin Williams

    Ah it sounds very tough and emotional. I’m not experienced with kids but I’m sending you love and positive vibes. x

  4. Sarah Bailey

    Oh gosh what an awful time for you to have to be going through, it is worse when people just say you need to persist, but what if that isn’t working? How long can you persist for?

    I hope it gets better for you soon.

  5. Patrick

    I feel for you here,there is nothing more frustrating then to be to carry on when in fact there is something blocking your way.
    You can’t breast feed her much longer,her teeth are going to all coming in soon and that will end that.
    I hope you both find a happy medium…..

  6. Eva katona

    That sounds really tough. My two are both picky as hell, but at least they both were on solids since 8-9 months old. I’m sure you already tried everything. Hope things will take a turn soon. #humpdaylinky

  7. Christy

    This sounds so frustrating and terribly hard. I’m sorry there isn’t any help / advice that the dietician is giving you. #HumpDayLinky

  8. Rhian Westbury

    I am so sorry that you’re in this position, I can’t believe that someone has looked more into this x

  9. Sarah Howe

    This is so hard for you guys and I say so many times I wish I could wave a wand. I really do think she will eat hun. One day she will realise how yummy food is!! Hugs and thanks for linking with #bloggersbest


    Oh dear I really do feel for you. Mine are fussy eaters and I have to say there are plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes they eat and sometimes they don’t. There is no quick fix unfortunately. I hope that there is an improvement soon.

  11. Sarahjane Wood

    “you just have to persist” usually comes from people who don’t realise the struggle. I really feel for you and I hope things change for the better

  12. Am Blackburn

    I feel your pain! My son who is now 21 was a fussy eater and nothing would encourage him no matter how hard I tried. I was so worried and I waisted so much time and money on trying to feed him. He eats me out of house and Home now and is no longer fussy. It all changed when he hit puberty. Hang in there !

  13. kirsty

    This must be a really hard and difficult time for you. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I do hope it all settles down soon and it gets easier for the both of you.

  14. CHLoe

    Gosh poor you and your family, sorry things haven’t gone as you hoped with dietician and the pursuiting results in a change soon #HumpDayLinky

  15. Jacqueline

    Aww, poor little thing 🙁 I knew someone who had the same issues with her child. This kid would not eat anything accept breast milk too! This mother did take her baby to have a massage, which seemed to ease the child’s anxiety around food. It wasn’t an instant fix, but it became easier. You may have to look at alternate treatments. I know this little cutie will eat in the near future!

  16. LilinHa

    I am so sorry to hear that nothing has changed lately. Is she getting all her nutrients and vitamins? If so, I wouldn’t worry as each child develops at different stages. I am sure she will be fine! 🙂

  17. Super Busy Mum

    Oh goodness me, it’ just seems all the more frustrating when there’s no progress – I do hope it starts to get easier all round soon though!

  18. Mel

    I’m so sorry things haven’t changed and that you’re getting by on barely no sleep; that can’t be fun at all! Hopefully something will just change in Neve one day and she’ll decide to eat and hopefully that day comes very soon for you.

  19. Sam Jeffery

    I can imagine this must have been such a struggle to begin with, but your perseverance will pay off!

  20. Thena

    I’ll be thinking of you and hoping it gets better. I know it’s hard right now. <3

  21. Jenny

    How frustrating this must feel for you. I hope it is just a phase that will pass.

  22. Crummy Mummy

    Littlest B is feeding like a newborn at night again too, even though we’re introducing solids now. It’s exhausting! #bloggersbest


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