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Preparing for University with UniFood Direct

Preparing for University with UniFood Direct

Going to University was one of the best experiences of my life. Except for the food. Eating normal food on a student budget was never easy!

What did you eat during your first few weeks at University? Beans on Toast? Packet Noodles? Chip Butties? Did you begrudge those long strolls down to the supermarket, with bags cutting into your hands as you trekked back up the hill to your halls?! How I wish Unifood Direct had been around when I was at Uni!

unifood direct

Those first few weeks at Uni are a daunting time, and as much as students love their first few months of new found independence, it can be hard adjusting to life without your Mum’s mean shepherd’s pie, or you Dad’s epic Sunday roast. Many parents worry about their kids eating well (a worry that seems to span their entire lifetime!) but at the same time, don’t want to be seen as interfering or mithering during what is one of the most exciting times of their young adult’s life! 🙂

As a graduate recruiter, I have met my fair share of students, many of whom have relocated far away from their friends and family to pursue their studies. Whilst some seem to be totally in control, others seem to have taken a while to adjust to university life.

As someone who is responsible for relocation support for grads joining our IT Graduate Programmes, I was super excited to learn about Unifood Direct, a new subscription based service created by students, for students, that allows parents to send their children surprised boxes of goodies each month. This allows parents to help ensure they get some good quality food in them, encourage the consumption of  ACTUAL MEALS and provide a little treat from home without the embarrassment of Mum turning up with a cool box and bag for life *cringe*. Even better, they can even include a little note or message from Mum & Dad with their box!

When our grads move into their temporary accommodation in September, I would LOVE to send them a gift box from Unifood Direct, as a little welcome into their new surroundings.

unifood direct

What is UniFood Direct?

Unifood Direct is a subscription gift box based service, offering a regular delivery of groceries and toiletries to University Students in England & Wales. At just £28.50 a box, with 20-25 items inside, the content value always exceeds the price of the box itself, making it fantastic value for money whilst retaining the added element of surprise!

Ran by students, the founders of Unifood Direct understand student living and know exactly what its like to be a cash strapped student. They want to help encourage students to save more & spend less. With recipe tips, as well as exclusive perks, bonuses and competitions for their subscribers, this is a subscription service with a difference.

As if that wasn’t enough – if you sign up now ready for your new term this September, you can get 20% off your first box using the code “unifood20” and all subscribers will be entered into their FANTASTIC competition where you can win £250! Full T&CS of the competition can be found below.

I think UniFood Direct is a fab way for parents to help their children adapt to University Life, and look forward to seeing what our Grads make of the service later in the year!

You can learn more about how the subscription service works on the Unifood Direct website.

*This is a sponsored post*

Competition is run by UniFood Direct from the 1st September 2017 to 30th September 2017. Purchase required – all subscribers will be entered into the competition to win one of four prizes as follows;- Prizes 1&2: £250 in cash each and Unifood Direct free for one year for two students, Prizes 3&4: 1 Charlotte Tilbury Makeup set (female) and 1 Armani gift set (male). Competition is not being run in conjunction with Real Mum Reviews, and any queries relating to this competition should be directed to UniFood Direct.  



  1. Mandi

    This sounds perfect, my daughter is going to uni on 14th September and she’s over 6 hours from home, my main concern is her eating!

  2. Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    What a brilliant service and a lovely way to show you’re thinking of them without looking interfering 🙂

    Stevie x

  3. Tanya brannan

    Wow what a great subscription box this is. My daughter is just going into her 3rd year so I would love to do this for her!


    Great service. Never heard of them before.


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