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REVIEW – Reading Eggs

REVIEW – Reading Eggs

Erin has always been a huge fan of books, and even from a very young age, we have incorporated books into her everyday routine, both before bed, and as a bit of quiet downtime during the day. One of the things I was most excited about with Erin starting school is the prospect of her learning to read. I can’t wait to sit with her on my lap and have her read the words to me instead – when the day arrives it will be magical!!

girl in school uniform

I was recently approached by Reading Eggs to see if I would like to review their app, and jumped at the chance.

Over the last 2 months, I have been trialling Reading Eggs to see if I can help kick start her interest in phonics, reading and letter recognition.

About Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a multi award winning learning resource, created by expert educators with over 30 years of experience, teaching children essential reading and phonics skills. A multi stage app, it is suitable for children aged 2 – 13 years.

The app features lessons replicating the structured learning like children have at school, using colourful animations, fun characters, songs and rewards. It focuses on the 5 essential elements to help establish reading-: phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. By incorporating it into child’s daily routine, you can gradually help teach your child to read.

 Reading Eggs menu screen

Children earn golden eggs as rewards for their progress and a certificate at the end of each map, which can be printed off and put up to celebrate their success.

Reading Eggs costs just £39.95 for an annual subscription – which works out at less than £2.50 a month!

 Reading Eggs screens

Our Experience

We have been trialling Reading Eggs for 2 months – starting our trial at the beginning of the Summer Holidays in preparation for Erin starting reception. As she is a June baby, she will be one of the youngest in the class, and as such, I was keen to help give any extra support I could to ensure she is on track with her peers.

As Erin is/was a complete non reader, we decided to start from the very beginning. As a result,, the first couple of lessons she found quite easy, but they gradually began to challenge her as we progressed. If you prefer, you can do a quick quiz to assess your child’s reading age, and start the map from this point.

Erin responded really well to the characters, particularly our host the little ant, and seemed really chuffed with herself when he said well done, or she was able to do things all by herself.

Girl playing with Reading Eggs

Some parts of the lessons she found very straight forward where as others really tested her – mainly associating which words began with which letter – we had to repeat some of these a few times as she struggled to recognise the letter sounds, but practice has definitely lead to an improvement.

At times she would look at me for reassurance, but I was actually quite shocked at how quickly she began to recognise letters and point them out in words, and that she was able to recall them later too, something I wasn’t expecting.

She would get very excited as we approached the end of the map, knowing she was getting that little bit closer to her certificate which we could print off to pop on the fridge.

Girl playing with Reading Eggs

Lessons are short and as such, the perfect duration to keep her attention span the entire time. We have been known to do 2 lessons back to back, after which she will say she wants to do a 3rd, but my instincts are normally correct as if we did, her concentration started to wane a little. The lessons are perfect for small bite sized activities and so ideal for anyone who likes to limit screen time.

We enjoyed printing off the activity sheets to do after each lesson, and these were good as a little task to do whilst she was waiting for her tea. I love the fact that Reading Eggs encourages off line elements too, whilst reinforcing the same messages.

From a parents perspective I love how Reading Eggs allows your child to progress at their own rate, with the ability to repeat lessons if they have struggled.

Reading Eggs is also a KidSafe certified website, so I can be confident that it is safe when she is using it on her own – there are no advertisements and no risk of her seeing any non age appropriate content.

Overall, I have been amazed at how quickly Erin has come on during the trial. At just £39.95 for an annual subscription there is no doubt whatsoever that I will be continuing with Reading Eggs after our trial, and I am really pleased to have come across it!

Would you like to try Reading Eggs with your child? Reading Eggs have offered my readers an amazing FREE 5 week trial so you can test it out for yourself! Click on the link above to sign up, and you can be using the app within minutes. (Must be activated by 30th September 2017).

I would not hesitate to recommend Reading Eggs to anyone with preschool or school age children, and I am looking forward to progressing with Erin’s reading using Reading Eggs in conjunction with her school education.

*This is a collaborative post. We were given a free 3 month trial of Reading Eggs to review with Erin. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. Emily

    Ah, my girls and I use reading eggs. It’s great for learning and so easy for kids to use!

  2. Mummy Times Two

    That’s great that Erin has really enjoyed starting to learn how to read, it really is so special watching them pick it up x

  3. Michelle Kellogg

    That is very interesting! When my boys were that age it was Hooked on Phonics then later came a Disney website whose name alludes me now but both were really expensive. This one is reasonably priced. Love the review

  4. five little doves

    We love Reading Eggs, it’s really helped the girls with their reading over the summer and they love competing against each other too!

  5. Lynne harper

    This sounds like a fantastic app to use with little ones. I must look into it more as my twins have just started school x

  6. Sarah Bailey

    I’ve heard about reading eggs a few times before and they sound like such a great way to help get kids reading.

  7. Angela Milnes

    Reading eggs is a great brand. We like using it. Sylvia finds it fun and i love that you can collect eggs as rewards for completing tasks.

  8. Elodie

    Sounds like such a fun, educative app! I’ll definitely pass it on to my friends who have little ones!

  9. Talya

    My daughter has been using Reading Eggs and it has really helped her on her reading journey – it’s a thumbs up from us!

  10. Katy Stevens

    This looks so good for the kids – can’t wait until Daisy is a suitable age for learning this stuff!

  11. Helen

    I’ve heard some really good things about this – I need to look into it for my daughter 🙂

  12. Sophie's Nursery

    I’ve heard lots of people rave about this app – def something I need to have a proper look at! It’s so important to introduce them to reading young 🙂 x

  13. hannah

    This does look like a very good app. Great for kids at school

  14. Super Busy Mum

    My son uses Reading eggs but now I hear that it’s available for younger children now too – brilliant!!

  15. natalie cox

    My youngest little girl has just started school and I know this would be perfect for her! Great review.

  16. Melanie

    This app is a fab idea and I think reading eggs will be very popular :)x

  17. Oskar Madine

    Sounds like an interesting app. My boys are both bookworms too – I love it when my older boy reads books to his 2 year old brother.

  18. Dean of Little Steps

    I’ve seen reviews of this app going around and I must say, I’ve only heard good things. My daughter is 7 now and reads really well. If she were younger, I’d definitely consider this too.

  19. Jacqueline

    Is that Erin in her uniform? Is so she’s a cutie pie. I am thrilled to hear she’s motivated to learn how to read. She has a healthy dose of tenacity too! This app does sound like a beneficial app for helping children improve their reading skills. I imagine she’ll read Enid Blyton in no time. 🙂

    • loosea

      Yes it is bless her. Thankyou

  20. Sophie Durrans

    That’s really affordable! I’ll definitely look at it once Isla is 2.

  21. cottagegardentrio

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for as my daughter is about to turn three and is desperately trying to learn her letters. What a great product and a lot more affordable than some similar things I’ve seen.

  22. Newcastle Family Life

    My little girl has just started school too and she is a non reader, this looks great. x

  23. Jeannette @autiSmmumms

    They sound absolutely brilliant. D really struggled with learning to read phonetically and these would have really helped x

  24. Amy Deverson

    My little bro loves Reading Eggs. It has helped to improve his reading so much 🙂

  25. Stephanie ushEr

    This sounds really interesting! I love how creative at home learning can be now, all thanks to apps! xx

  26. Anosa

    My nephew just started school this September and I think this app would go a long way in helping with his reading

  27. Deb Sharratt

    We haven’t tried these but anything that makes learning fun has got to be worth a go x

  28. Cliona

    This sounds like a fantastic app – I like how there are little rewards and it makes sense that the lessons are short. I’m sure it’s brilliant for kids who want to improve their reading.

  29. Elena

    I haven`t heard about Reading Eggs before so I have to check it out. My nephew and niece will love it I am sure.

  30. Yaya

    Reading eggs sounds like a great resource!I When Erin starts reading to you you will be so chuffed. I know cause our girls just started year one and hearing them read their first words was such a special moment for this book loving family. x

    • loosea

      Eek i can’t wait

  31. Afshan nasim

    Reading Eggs looks like a great resource and good for my nephew. Glad your little girl likes it too.

  32. Fashion and Style Police

    Reading Eggs sounds like a great resource. I will try it. My kids would love it am sure.

  33. stephanie

    It sounds like she’s progressed so well using this. I’ll have to recommend it to my sister in law x

  34. London Mumma

    Thank the lord that I actually have my daughters IPAD with me today, totally downloading this now. Looks great.

  35. Michelle Twin Mum

    I think Reading Eggs is a wonderful programme and it sounds as if Erin has responded really well to it. Mich x

  36. Fritha Strickland

    We love reading eggs! They’ve helped my son so much with his reading xx

  37. Sarah | Digital Motherhood

    We used this when my daughter started school, she used to love it and definitely got her more interested in reading.


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