Valentine’s Craft – Potato Print Heart T-Shirt

As you will know from my previous posts re Valentine’s Day, neither I nor my partner are particularly the romantic type. There will be no cards here, no roses and definitely no swooping declarations of love this February. However – we do have two daughters and I love nothing more than an excuse to make some cute Valentine’s craft and get them involved! 🙂

On Friday, we made our own Valentine’s craft potato print tshirts. These are SO easy to do but look fab when they’re finished!

To make your own, you will need:

  • a plain white tshirt or vest
  • some paper or card (to protect other side of tee!)
  • red fabric paint
  • a large potato

To begin, you first need to create your potato heart stamp. To do this, simply chop the potato in half and cut a heart design into the potato using a knife till you have something that looks like this…

Lay the tshirt on a flat surface and put some paper in between the layers so that any paint that soaks through does not reach the back side of you’re tshirt.

Stamp the potato into the paint and dab on to your tshirt.

You can do whatever pattern you like – we made two- one had hearts all over it and the other had just four in a diagonal row.

Leave the tshirt to dry. Depending on the make, most fabric paints are safe to wash after 24 hours!

Eh voila! I love the effect of the finished tshirts – super easy to make, Erin loved the stamping and they look great on!

Happy crafting!!