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Who will your baby look like?

Who will your baby look like?

One thing most women wonder at some point in their pregnancy is – what will be baby look like? Will she look like me or her Dad? You go through a list of facial features from both of you – hoping that your baby will get your teeth (please not Daddy’s teeth as they were pretty horrific as a child lol) and  please get Daddy’s big eyes and not Mummy’s (Mummy’s eyes still look like their asleep a good 6 hours after waking up!).

I came across a website in Mother & Baby Magazine called Morph Thing which claims to be able to show you what your unborn child will look like, by morphing two photographs of the parents. You simply upload a photo of you and your partner, choose a gender and press “start morphing”. The idea is that your combined genes will create a snapshot into how your child will look.

It sounded fun, and I was bored (yes the Euro’s are on!) so I decided to give it a whirl. The process was pretty easy, as long as you have front facing images of you and your other half.

This is the image of my child…. I was actually surprised how much it really looks like Erin!! Yes the finished edit is a little strange, but I can see her features for sure!! Quite clever really….


You can create your own Child Insight photograph completely free over at Morph Thing!

Have fun!

*This is not a sponsored post, I just thought the site was fun!*


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