Erin is getting super excited for Christmas now, and on the days when I have both children, I like to entertain Erin by getting out the craft box. On the run up to Christmas, a lot of our creations will be festive in nature!

Today’s creations are these beautiful Christmas trees! They are really easy to make and Erin had lots of fun decorating them.

To make these you will need:-

  • A4 green card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations – this can be pretty much ANYTHING- e.g sweet wrappers, glitter glue, tissue, ribbon, coloured paper, sequins etc. Anything colourful will do!


To make these simply:

1) Fold the corner of the green card up to make a square – trim the side off using scissors.


2) Cut strips into the folded square towards the centre


3) Add glue to the ends of each strip and curl into the centre on both sides, sticking into place


4) Fold up bottom so it has a flat edge to sit on – you can add a tree trunk if you wish

5) Decorate!!


Here is our vid to see the steps in action! 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our craft! Why not subscribe to our You Tube channel as we will be sharing more how to vlogs on the run up to Christmas.