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Christmas Wishlist with Smyths Toys Catalogue!

Christmas Wishlist with Smyths Toys Catalogue!

As a parenting blogger who gets involved with a lot of product reviews, as well as having my own festive themed business The Advent Shop, we have fairly regular visits from our postman! Most the time, the post is for me, but when the Smyths Toys catalogue arrived through the post earlier this week, quite frankly, I didn’t stand a chance. Erin saw it and immediately pounced on me like it was something I needed to be rescued from, before climbing up onto her cabin bed to have a peruse away from the interfering hands of her baby sister!

There is something inbuilt within all children I think, in that they ALL love flicking through a catalogue. Make that a 300 page catalogue absolutely FULL to the brim of this seasons’ must have toys, and well – it’s a no brainer. Out came her pink unicorn pen, and she sat, for a LONG time, putting little stars by all her favourites, and even folding over the corners of the most important pages… for Father Christmas obviously, who else?

She immediately spotted Luvabella (we are lucky enough to be doing a Luvabella review as we speak). This interactive and super realistic doll, sleeps, feeds and even plays peekaboo, and is tipped to be the most requested toy for under the tree this Christmas.

Another page with lots of stars (bless her) was the PJ Masks and Paw Patrol pages, with LOTS of new playsets and character toys to chose from. Paw Patrol in particular has been super popular in this household for some time now. Paw Patrol toys have made the top Christmas toys list for the last 2 years with the Paw Patroller and Air Patroller and likely to be a third with this years Sea Patroller and Lookout Tower!

Finally Fingerlings were another firm favourite. These sweet and silly monkeys cling on to your finger and have lots of different facial expressions to let you know how they feel!

When I did finally manage to get my hands on the catalogue I absolutely loved the look of the giant L.O.L surprise Big surprise – this giant gold bag has 50 layers of surprises inside and I know that Erin would go crazy for this one! I imagine these will sell out fast!

With over 300 pages full of toys to chose from, the Smyths Toys Catalogue is perfect for a bit of inspiration on what to buy this Christmas. If you haven’t already received a copy through the post, you can request a catalogue on the Smyths Toys website.

What is on your children’s Christmas lists this year?


*This is a collaborative post*



  1. Elinor hill

    I do still remember the excitement of looking through a catalogue and getting ready for Christmas.

  2. Sarah Bailey

    I used to love going through catalogues when I was younger and picking out all I wanted, it looks like Smyths Toys have some awesome toys on offer this Christmas.

  3. Ali - We Made This Life

    My children love going through the catalogue looking for things to put on their Christmas list. It reminds me of my childhood as I used to do exactly the same!

  4. Patrick

    Another blogger showed her kids picking out potential gifts,so glad this tradition is alive and well…

  5. Kara

    I wish I had one catalogue for each child as they keep fighting over it

  6. Anosa

    Such a great time to reminisce my childhood looking at these catalogues. Haha! Such a great way to check out prospect toys that I will wish for Christmas as a gift.

  7. Rhian Westbury

    I remember as a kid constantly circling items I wanted in catalogues before Christmas, it was always such a highlight x

  8. melanie

    I do not have children, but it is great to know where I can buy toys for my friends children this Christmas 🙂 x

  9. Rani

    I used to love going through the catalogues in the run up to christmas!

  10. kirsty

    I am so glad children can still get a catalogue and pick their christmas wishlist. It used to be a tradition in our house.

  11. Ana De- Jesus

    The Symth’s toy catalogue really does have a lot of delicious toys on offer! I love the sound of the finger monkeys x

  12. katrina

    I cant wait until my sons old enough to do a wish list but until then i will look forward to having money in my purse haha

  13. Helen at Casa Costello

    We’ve done the hunt through the Smyths catalogue too! I have to admit I rather enjoy seeing little T’s face as she tells me what she likes and dislikes. Definitely fingerlings on the list for Santa this year.

  14. Chrissy Faery

    Aw, I remember the excitement of looking through catalogues as a kid! It looks like this one’s packed with so many great things too – the giant gold bag with 50 layers of surprises sounds like so much fun – I think they should make one for adults! 😀 xx

  15. Dannii

    I have so many happy happy memories of looking through the catelogues just before Christmas and picking what I wanted.

  16. Amy Deverson

    When I was younger my favourite thing was making my Christmas list – I would go through the Argos catalogue and circle everything that I hoped Santa would bring!!

  17. Nichola - Globalmouse

    We have this catalogue and my kids spend absolutely ages going through it! It’s a great way to keep them quiet!!

  18. Olivia Thristan

    I remember doing this as a child with the Argos catalogue, but I also remember wanting just about everything! Lovely post x


    They have lots of great toys in the catalogue. We have one – I need to get the children to decide what they’d like from Santa.

  20. Sarah Burns

    my children have yet to discover the joy of a toy catalogue!

  21. Tanya

    I used to love going through the Argos catalogue and my Mum said I used to stick post its on each page so she would know where to go to find everything circled

  22. Tanya brannan

    Oh I remember my twins marking pages and pages of the argos catalogue when they were small! I used to get So many ideas from it!

  23. Joanna

    This is a great idea for children to pick up their favorite toys so that Father Christmas knows what is that they wish to receive more under the Christmas Tree. Easy for the parents as well 😉

  24. Baby i

    What a great idea! We love browsing catalogues and prefer them to online browsing! Excited for Christmas now!

  25. YAya

    I love looking through catalogues! I remember as a kid growing up in the US I used to flip through the JCPenney catalogue every season, and it’s adorable to see our little ones doing the same. Our almost 6 yr old twins are asking for Nintendo DS’ and I’m a bit sad that dolls are no longer part of their wishlists. xx

  26. Holly - Little Pickle's Mom

    Ahh I get the feeling we’ll be getting some Paw Patrol goodies for under the tree this year… Pickle LOVES it! I never thought a toddler his age could show such preference but his whole face lights up when it comes on. SUPER CUTE. I still remember flicking through toy catelogues – why is it so exciting?! Ha ha.#humpdaylinky

  27. Helena

    Nothing they can’t write yet hehe #HumpDayLinky

  28. Debbie

    My kids love sitting with the catalogue circling what they want on their lists.


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