CRAFT – Fireworks Fun :)

CRAFT – Fireworks Fun :)

I love my days off with Erin, and since the arrival of her baby sister, its even more important that we still have special one on one time together, as it brings a bit of normality back since her world was turned upside down! Erin has always loved crafting, so while her sister naps, we get out the craft box and make something that reflects the seasons we are in! This week, we made simple fireworks with sparkly jewels – really simple to do, but kept Erin quiet and content for a VERY long time – always handy when you’re a breastfeeding mum!


In case you wanted to make your own here is what you will need:

  • Black thick paper or cardboard
  • Scissors or a Stanley knife
  • Red paint
  • A dabber or paintbrush
  • Stick on jewels

First Mummy helped by creating a firework stencil – I drew the firework on the card and then used a Stanley knife to cut out the ‘strands’.


Using the red paint, Erin then dabbed on to the other paper using the firework I created as a stencil. She really enjoyed dabbing the colour on to the paper, and moving the stencil around to create a number of fireworks on the page. The effect is really great, very simple to achieve but looks fab! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lastly, she decorated the fireworks using the small stick on jewels, making the page sparkle.ย This bit Erin enjoyed the most! I even wrote her name in pencil and showed her where to stick the jewels to spell her name.

I love the finished picture!


We are looking forward to the fireworks this weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚



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