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Do you know your Daffodils from your Dandelions?

Do you know your Daffodils from your Dandelions?

I LOVE this time of year. I love that when the days get lighter, the sun starts to make an appearance, and the whole world seems to come live with flowers, bloom and colour. Everything seems so much brighter and happier in Spring, and flowers are a bloggers dream – such beautiful backdrops!

I have a few favourite flowers, namely daffodils, bluebells and rhododendrons, and I have photos of Erin with all of them! 🙂

We recently went to our local National Trust which was full in bloom with beautiful spring Daffodils. Erin loves the colour yellow, so she loves running around amongst them and bending down to look at the petals!

Every year, we attend the Wooton Wawen Charity Bluebell walk, a truly stunning walk through masses of purple. I love this photo from last year.

Finally our local park comes alive with Rhododendrons come May time. They are such a vivid pink colour (or lilac)  and so beautiful that this year, I have planted some of my own in our garden. I can’t wait for the flowers to come out and hope that I manage not to kill them off in the meantime!! 🙂

As beautiful as these flowers may be, I’ll be honest that my knowledge of flowers is somewhat limited. I struggle to recognise a weed from a flower (some weeds are so pretty!), and if it wasn’t for the fact that my father in law works in a garden centre, I think  I would struggle to understand my perennials from my pests! 🙂

I recently took this Rattan Direct Quiz to test your knowledge of flowers – as expected my results were pretty dire! Some of them are stunning though. I’d love a Bird of Paradise in our patch!

What is your favourite spring / summer flower? How did  you do on the quiz?

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