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Hump Day Linky 16/8

Hump Day Linky 16/8

Welcome back to Hump Day Linky and thanks for joining me on my weekly linky to celebrate Hump Day – the middle of the week, and the downhill journey to the weekend!

This week has been a bit tough, and I’ve been feeling a bit down as a result. We have had a lot of trouble with crime in my home town this week, from car jackings, to burglary to anti social behaviour. We’ve had police helicopters over our house two nights running and it’s horrible. I’ve lived here for the last 5 years without even a sniff of trouble, and for the first time ever I have actually felt scared to live in this neighbourhood, which as a parent is a sad state of affairs.

Neve also started her settling in sessions at nursery this week, and as expected, it’s been a bit tough. Lots of tears and the Mum Guilt of course kicking in, but I know she will get there eventually.

So, on to the linky – how about some nice upbeat posts this week to cheer me up!??

My favourite two posts from last week were from:

Captain Bob Cats – 10 Tips for Overseas Holidays & Flights with Children I haven’t been brave enough to take the girls on a plane yet, but there is some great advice here for those that are! With the summer holidays upon us, this is a very timely post for many of you!


Then I Became Mum – Parenting as a Vegan – I really admire the fact that they are educating their daughter about the Vegan lifestyle, whilst at the same time allowing her to make her own decision when she is old enough.

We are running all through the summer holidays, so whilst it may be a bit quieter than usual I hope you continue to come and join us! 🙂

Please don’t forget to add the badge code below or a normal link back to this page if you prefer or can’t be bothered to faff around with code on your mobile! 🙂

Real Mum Reviews

I look forward to reading your posts this week!

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