Inside Walkers Crisps Factory

Inside Walkers Crisps Factory

My inner geek is going crazy, and I am super excited about tonight’s episode of Inside the Factory! Having watched last week’s episode about how Rice Krispies and Cornflakes were made, I am really looking forward to watching tonight’s, particularly as it features a factory a little closer to home – the Walker’s Crisp Factory in Leicester.

This series is fascinating for both adults and kids alike, and is shown on BBC 2 at 8pm tonight. Greg Wallace from Masterchef fame visits the 40 acre site in Leicester to see how 5 million packets of crisps are made every single day!

If your kids enjoy tonight’s show, future episodes also include how Baked Beans are made and how New Balance trainers are created! 🙂



  1. Sue

    I saw your title and thought you’d visited the factory. I was about to become very VERY jealous. I blooming love Walker’s crisps! Sadly, I missed the show after all that. Thanks for dropping by my world, Lucy and for your lovely comments. Hope to connect with you again, soon. Sue J ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker via #WeekendBlogShare

    • loosea

      Ha ha Suzy, I WISH I’d been to the Factory – although I do know someone who works there – so maybe I should have a word!! 🙂 xxx


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