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Must have Christmas Apps

Christmas has changed a LOT since I was a kid… the arrival of technology has bought with it a wealth of apps and websites that make the countdown to Christmas just that little bit more exciting! Here’s my pick of the must have apps and websites to check out this festive season!

Santa’s Spy Cam

Kids ask a lot of questions. Everything from “How does Santa get in without a chimney?” to “How do we know that it’s not you putting the presents under the tree?” – The Santa’s Spy Cam is a great way of showing your children that Santa has actually been in your home. Take a photo of your living room and then select from a variety of animations that show Santa appear in your very own space! Really cute and believable and the kids will LOVE it!

Santa’s Bag

I really love this app! Using Santa’s Bag you can set yourself an overall budget and individual budgets for your list of recipients. You can then track the purchases you have made for your family, including items you have ordered, gift ideas, and even log when you’ve wrapped them! If  you are anything like me, this also stops you from overbuying or forgetting what you have bought earlier in the year!

Portable North Pole

The PNP app creates a personalised video for your little one from Santa, reminding them to keep up their good behaviour as the big day gets closer. A basic personalised video is free, or you can purchase more enhanced videos via the in app purchases. These include details on what they have asked for and can have photographs added.

NOMAD tracker

Want to show your little one the magic of Santa’s journey round the globe? The NOMAD tracker website allows you to see, in realtime, Santa’s exact location as he makes his way around the world delivering presents. When Santa starts getting close to the UK, its time the children were in bed! 🙂

Elf Yourself

Fun for adults and children alike, these hilarious videos allow you to put your face into the body of a dancing elf, and when your whole family are dancing together, it becomes a very funny experience indeed! 🙂

What other apps would you recommend on the countdown to Christmas?



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