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I have always been a big fan of Baby Bjorn, and their modern yet stylish products for babies in the home. When we read about the launch of the new Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss, we were really excited and felt that this would be perfect for our new addition!

About the Product

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss was developed in close collaboration with paediatricians, with a unique ergonomic shape that gives your child’s head and back the correct support.

Suitable from newborn, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss may be used as a bouncer from 8lb until your baby can sit up unaided. When your child can sit on their own, the bouncer converts to a comfy chair and can be used till 29lb (approximately 2 years of age).

The bouncer has 3 incline positions – Play, Rest and Sleep, as well as Transportation mode, where the product can lie flat to store away or take in your car. You can change between positions using the small clip under the bouncer, which clicks into each mode securely. Your baby can use their own feet movements to create a natural and smooth bounce.

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss retails at £144.99 and is available in a number of colours and fabrics.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss

Our Experience

We received the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss in Anthracite Mesh – a charcoal black mesh style fabric which is soft to the touch. Visually, this is a very attractive design and I love the way it looks in our home. A lot of bouncers come in very bright and garish colours, so to see one which looks more like a piece of modern home furnishing is a real positive.

We have been using the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss for around 3 weeks now, and Neve has experienced all of the three incline positions. We both, absolutely love it.

The first setting is Play, the highest position, where Neve at 5 months was able to ‘sit’  the most upright. We purchased the Baby Bjorn wooden toy attachment (available separately), and Neve will sit quite contently, playing with this and spinning the flowers and balls whilst we ate dinner or whilst I entertained my three year old. She was noticeably content and comfortable in the chair.

baby bjorn bouncer bliss

The second setting is Rest, which I tend to use after Neve has been playing on her play mat for a while, or if she is starting to look a little weary. This slightly more inclined position is more relaxing for Neve, and she would often use her leg movements to trigger the bouncing motion of the chair.

The final position is Sleep, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Neve quite happily falls asleep in the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss, and even when put down in it awake, she is able to use the natural motions to help her drift off. A few times she has woken prematurely and the gentle movements when she moves her body have helped her resettle without being rocked or cuddled. I don’t mean this to sound like I am a heartless mother as trust me- I love nothing more than a baby cuddle – however when you have more than one child in the house, it is great to have something that makes your life that little bit easier!

baby bjorn bouncer bliss sleep mode

Moving between the three settings is very straight forward, using the large button and positioner based underneath the bouncer. The clip simply clicks into place for each distinct setting.

baby bjorn bouncer bliss position clip

We take the chair with us when we go for tea at the grandparents, and the chair is really easy to pop into the boot. We simply use the positioner to pop it into the lie flat transportation mode and it then takes up minimal space.

baby bjorn bouncer bliss transportation mode

Unlike some other bouncers we have used, Neve always looks comfortable in the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss, and I can be confident she is safe and secure. The front of the seat includes two easy side fasteners, that secure her either side at the waist.

baby bjorn bouncer bliss

Once Neve is older, and is able to sit on her own, we will convert the bouncer to the chair setting, which appears to be very straight forward to do. The reversible fabric simply comes off by loosening the restraint buttons, and it can then be removed and turned over, to leave the flat side of the seat facing up.


  • Super comfortable and ergonomically tested to ensure it offers the right level of support for your baby’s growing body.
  • Modern and super stylish design.
  • 3 easy to alternate recline settings.
  • Easy to transport and store as can be set to lie completely flat when not in use.
  • Easy to wipe down or wash if baby is sick or have a “poo incident”. The mesh fabric is very easy to clean and is completely removable to wash in the machine if required.
  • Baby is in control – your child can use their own movements to trigger the natural bounce.


  • It goes without saying, that there are obviously cheaper Bouncers available on the market. That said, I am a strong believer in the concept of “you get what you pay for”. In terms of longevity as well, this bouncer will be used for a much longer period that some others that are half the price, hence its overall value for money is good.
  • Getting your head around the positioner clip can be a little tricky the first few times you use it, but once you have grasped the concept, it is extremely easy to use.

Overall, we are over the moon with the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss, and as you can tell from Neve’s face, I think she’s pretty taken with it too! (Note, this is Neve’s ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ face, which she appears to have perfected to a fine art!!)

baby bjorn bouncer bliss

You can learn more about the product, and other items in the range, on the Baby Bjorn website.

*Disclosure – We were sent a Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.*




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  1. kris

    Ive seen these bouncers its a little out of our price range. Neve looks comfy in it and its great to have the option to convert to a chair at a later date.

  2. Vicki @ tippytupps

    Looks great. Though Henry’s already growing out of his bouncer and he’s only 6 months! We need something now which takes a little more weight 😉 xx


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