Ever since I was a child, I have been a massive fan of Eric Carle’s book – The Hungry Caterpillar. My Mum used to read it to me as a child, and just like my daughter does today, I had a massive fascination with poking my fingers through the holes as the caterpillar worked his way through his long list of lovely foods! 🙂

From the age of 2, The Hungry Caterpillar became one of Erin’s favourite books, so when she turned 3 earlier this year, it seemed like the obvious choice of theme for her party! 🙂

We recently learned about the range of fabulous Hungry Caterpillar crafts from the Rainbow Company Ltd, and when we were offered some to test out, I knew that these would be right up Erin’s street.

We were sent two items from the range – The Door Hanger and The Super Dough Model Kit.

Door Hanger

The Door Hanger kit features a wooden hanger with a different design on each side – this can be hung on your child’s bedroom door and turned around to show whether they are sleeping or awake, and whether or not they can be disturbed. The kit comes with a packet of pens with 8 different colours which children can use to colour in the wooden hanger. The pens are perfectly sized for little hands and glide onto the wood very easily. We did find that they do dry out quite quickly however if left with the lid off, so ensure your child replaces the cap quickly after use to ensure the colour stays bold!

Erin is not great yet at staying within the lines yet, so we had the odd ‘slip’ in her colouring but overall she did very well.

This was a fun, calm, colouring activity that kept Erin occupied and quiet and she really enjoyed watching the design come to life as she coloured, even if her approach to writing letters in the apple before she coloured it was a little unorthodox! 🙂

Super Dough Model Kit

The second kit we were sent was the Super Dough model kit – a mouldable ladybird figure. Inside the packet was all the coloured air dry dough needed to make the design, in just the right quantities (enough to make more than one). This air drying dough is a little different to Playdoh, so wasn’t quite the consistency I expected – a bit more stretchy and less squishy to the touch. The biggest challenge was removing it from the packaging to start with, but once we had done that Erin enjoyed making the character and rolling it out with a rolling pin (not included).

The spatula included was quite hard to use to cut through the dough so Erin did require some help.

Once we had created our character, we left it to set. The product sets quite quickly when left in the air to dry, but can be wet again in order for  the dough can be reused.

Again this was a fun activity that kept Erin quiet and content, however this one needed a little more adult involvement as she was unable to cut the dough on her own.

Overall, we loved both products from the Hungry Caterpillar range. If you were having a Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party for your children, I think these would make a great alternative to a party bag – far more useful than a load of plastic toys or a recorder that will end up in the bin! The full range of Hungry Caterpillar crafts can be purchase from selected Tesco stores.

Would you like to win a set of Hungry Caterpillar crafts for your children?

We have a set to giveaway! Use the gleam app below to enter and GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

Hungry Caterpillar Craft Kits

T&Cs – Winner will win one Hanger Kit and one Super Dough Model Kit from Rainbow Designs Ltd. Winner chosen at random. UK Only. Please allow 28 days for prize delivery.

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