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REVIEW – Kit & Kin Eco Friendly Nappies & Skincare

REVIEW – Kit & Kin Eco Friendly Nappies & SkincareScore 91%Score 91%

Did you know that the average disposable nappy takes between 300 and 500 years to biodegrade!? FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. That means that the stinky poopy nappy I have just changed, will still be hanging around when my daughter’s, daughter’s, daughter’s, daughter’s, daughter’s (or sons!) have been born. Shocking right?

Disposable nappies are the third largest contributor to landfill, despite the fact that only 5% of the population use them! In the UK alone we get through 8 million nappies every single day.

Sometimes I feel like I am forever changing nappies. With a 7 month old, we get through a LOT of nappies each week. Whilst I know that disposable nappies aren’t great for the environment, I have always been too scared (and potentially too lazy!) to try the reusable ones – the thought of all that washing is enough to put me off despite the super cute designs.

I don’t know what I was expecting the figure to be, but the 500 year statistic really really shocked me. At some point, I guess we  all need to start thinking about the effect our nappy use has on the environment. When I heard about a new brand of nappies that took just 3-5 years to biodegrade instead, I was VERY keen to learn more.

Kit & Kin Panda Nappy

About Kit & Kin

Launched this March, Kit & Kin is the brainchild of Emma Bunton and Christopher Money – a new family brand offering a range of premium performance, bio degradeable nappies and certified natural skincare for mothers and babies.

The debut range of premium performance bio-degradable nappies feature a choice of adorable animal faces including a Panda, Bear, Fox and Tiger, and have been developed to provide comfort dryness and security for up to 12 hours.

Fully dermatologically tested and approved, Kit & Kin nappies use more sustainable materials and contain significantly fewer chemicals than other household brands, making them an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin and eczema.

The Kit & Kin nappies break down and biodegrade within just THREE TO SIX YEARS – So much faster than the traditional nappy! Not only this, they are also working in Partnership with The Woodlands Trust – for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions set up, Kit & Kin will fund the purchase and protection of one acre of tropical rainforest.

In addition to the nappies, the Kit & Kin Range also includes a gentle yet nourishing selection of skincare products for both Mum and Baby . These delicious smelling products include everything from shampoos and bubble bath for your baby, to stretch mark oils and breast balms for Mums. They are all free from parabens, SLSs and artificial colours and clean and moisturise deeply. All Kit & Kin skincare is certified natural, and is clinically and dermatologically tested.

Kit & Kin nappies and skincare are available to buy at and have the option to build a nappy bundle as part of a cost saving subscription service.

Kit & Kin Nappies and Skincare

Our Experience

We were sent some of the new Kit & Kin nappies and skincare to try with Neve, 7 months. We have previously used Pampers nappies and supermarket alternative Little Angels.

My first impressions were really positive. The products arrived beautifully packaged in a large white box, and we received a complimentary fox face canvas bag with our order. This was a lovely touch and really handy – ever since the 5p charge I always forget to take a bag out with me when I shop!

The nappies we were sent featured the panda design, and I absolutely LOVE how cute they look on Neve, particularly when she is sitting up and you can see the little Panda face peeping back at you! These nappies not only look great for every day use, but would also be perfect for a cake smash or baby photo shoot as they are a lot more pleasant on the eye than regular nappy designs.

Kit & Kin Nappy

The Kit & Kin nappies have a slightly different feel to other nappies – feeling perhaps a little thicker and stiffer to the touch than the more sheeny plastic feel of some traditional brands I am used to. The material is hard to describe, but still feels soft and smooth to the touch. With the exception of the Panda face on the rear, the rest of the nappy is a predominantly white design. I personally think this is great, as I always hate being able to see unsightly nappy patterns through white baby clothes!

Kit & Kin Nappy

We have been using the Kit and Kin nappies for a few weeks now and have experienced no accidents so far. Without going into too much detail – these nappies have dealt with some “transitioning to solid food poops”, as well as overnight wearing, and wriggly first attempts at crawling, and Neve always seems content, dry and comfortable. We have had no explosions and no leaks (so far at least!)

At £9.99 for a pack of 34 (between 30 and 40 per pack depending on size) they are obviously more expensive than other supermarket and mainstream nappy brands. As with many environmentally friendly products you are paying a slight premium, but I personally don’t mind paying the extra knowing it is far better for the planet. This price can be discounted by 25% by using the subscription service (buying four packs at a time). If I was to continue using, I would definitely opt for the subscription option.

Kit & Kin Nappy

Kit & Kin  Skincare Products

We were also sent the Kit & Kin Magic Salve and Hair & Body wash to try. Neve has eczema, so I am always a little cautious when using new bath or skincare products, for fear or aggravating her skin. We have been using the Hair & Body wash at bath time with Neve and it smells lovely – it contains mango, strawberry and marshmallow extract and reassuringly no nasties at all!

The Magic Salve is perfect for popping on to Neve’s dry skin spots, of which, unfortunately she has a few. I tend to apply when I am drying her off after a bath, and it soaks in quickly to her skin, leaving a protective barrier to prevent clothing irritating her skin.

Overall I have completely fell in love with the Kit & Kin brand, and once I am back at work and earning a salary again (god damn you maternity pay!) I will be signing up for the online subscription. I love the fact you can pick your favourite design – I will be checking out the bear next time! 🙂

You can see the full range of Kit & Kin products and sign up to the Kit & Kin nappy subscription service here.

*Disclosure – we were sent some samples from the Kit & Kin range in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*.

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  1. Mummy times Two

    These are beautiful, I need to check them out. I always worry about the number of Nappies that end in landfills.

  2. Mummy gummie

    Oh my gosh! 500 years! That’s a crazy and terrible statistic I had no idea they would take that long to biodegrade!
    Seems like these are a good half way house and more practical alternative to cloth nappies.

  3. Colette

    How cute are those little panda faces. We’re almost out the far side of using nappies now with just my two youngest wearing them over night. I dread to think how much we’ve contributed to landfill with over 7 years of continuous nappy use 🙁
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  4. Kate Fever

    We use cloth nappies, but I really like the idea of bio-degradable options for those times when we are on holiday etc. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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