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REVIEW – Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Sets

REVIEW – Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Sets

Erin is a massive fan of Paw Patrol, watching it most mornings before preschool. She loves singing the theme tune (badly) and knows the names of all the characters, even the newer ones such as Everest and Robo Dog.

She loved the Paw Patrol Air Patroller which Santa bought for her at Christmas, so when I heard about the new range of toys from Spinmaster – Paw Patrol Roll Patrol track sets, I knew that she would love them, and couldn’t wait to put them to the test.

About the Products

The Paw Patrol Roll Patrol track sets feature children’s favourite Paw Patrol characters in a range of rescue settings. Children can use their imagination to help the Paw Patrol team rescue characters from impending doom – and remember “No job is too big, No Pup is too small!”.

These easy to construct track sets are super easy to construct and interlink, and can be mixed and combined with other track sets in the range to build bigger and larger scenes.

Each piece of track is branded with Paw Patrol paws on the pieces and interactive elements help bring the sets to life.

The Roll Patrol track sets are suitable for ages 3 and above. Sets are priced individually, starting at RRP £20.

Our Experience

We were sent two sets from the Roll Patrol range which Erin played with both individually or combined into one larger set.

Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue Track

This set retails at £39.99 and is the larger of the two sets with 12 pieces of track as well as the lighthouse, dock and wally the walrus track piece.

In this rescue mission, Skye and Zuma have to save Wally the Walrus from the fisherman’s’ net, in which he is currently trapped. By pressing the lighthouse roof, Erin was able to spin Skye round in the sky whilst she searches for the walrus, using the light from the lighthouse as her guide. Once he was located, Erin could move the trees to guide Zuma’s route before launching him down the ramp to rescue Wally. As he flies down the ramp, he hits the lever and up pops the trap, releasing Wally and completing the Pup’s rescue mission!

Erin absolutely loved the interactive elements of this set, particularly watching Skye spin around and the lighthouse light up as she pressed it. Occasionally the Skye character fell off the clear clip and was a little fiddly for Erin to get back on (so Mum had to help), but it was great that she could be played with individually as well. Batteries are also included for the light (so no messing around with screwdrivers required!!)

Apart from needing help when Skye fell off her lighthouse, Erin was able to move the trees herself and launch Zuma down the ramp in his hovercraft on her own, and was even able to rearrange the track and attach to our other set without assistance.

She found it hilarious when Wally’s trap popped open, and even started talking to herself whilst playing pretending to be the voices of the pups – very cute!! 🙂

Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Marshall’s Pet Rescue (coming soon)

This is the more basic of the two sets, with 8 piece of track that form a figure of eight style road track.

This set features Marshall in his truck, attempting to rescue Cali that cat, who appears to have got stuck on the parlour roof. Using the rotating sign, Erin could open the trap door in the roof so that Cali could fall into Marshall’s truck below – or at least that’s how it was supposed to work!

Unfortunately the mechanism on our Parlour didn’t work quite as it was meant to, in that it didn’t open fully enough for Cali to drop through without quite a lot of encouragement. My friend has the same set and hers opens wide open straight away, so it looks like I just have a bit of a fault with mine. That said, this didn’t seem to bother Erin, as she still liked to make Cali jump from the roof into the truck, so it didn’t detract from her enjoyment.

Erin loved combining both sets to create a giant track, and playing with the characters together. The sets can be combined in lots of different ways so there is no set in stone order for the track to be positioned, which to me is a real positive. Erin already has a couple of Paw Patrol car figures, so she ended up bringing some of her existing characters to join in the fun! 🙂


  • Very easy to put together and interchangeable pieces can be arranged in a number of different ways.
  • Can combine sets to build larger tracks.
  • Fun interactive elements such as the rotating skye lighthouse and the Cali Parlour drop make the set fun and encourage creative play.
  • No added sound effects – as much as I love musical toys, it is nice to have one that doesn’t have lots of sounds that disturb other people as the children play!
  • No batteries required.
  • Feature all the characters that Paw Patrol fans will know and love.
  • Great for encouraging imagination and creativity.


  • It is likely that your child may want more than one set, in which case the cost could add up, however there is an element of paying for the Paw Patrol branding. Whilst there are cheaper track toys available, the Paw Patrol design does make it a little more exciting.
  • This one is very specific to us as our Cali Parlour drop didn’t work as it was expected to, but this is unlikely to be the case for others.
  • It would be nice if all the characters could be removed from their vehicles (some of them are permanently fixed in place), as I think Erin would enjoy putting them in and out of the cars whilst acting out her scenes.
  • Not a con, but something to be aware of, is that they can take up a fair bit of floor space when multiple sets are combined. That said, they are very  easy to dismantle and put away (if you can encourage your kids to tidy up after themselves – if you find a way to do this please let me know HOW!!!!)

You can learn more about the full range of track Roll Patrol toys on the Spinmaster Website.

Disclosure – We were sent two items from the Roll Patrol range free of charge in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




  1. Debbie

    I like that you can combine sets to make bigger trackers. My husband would be all over this! And no batteries/sounds is a definite plus. Sometimes you just want them to play quietly. Having said that I still haven’t seen Paw Patrol. I really must as I see lots of people talk about it and I have no idea what’s going on.

  2. Jasmin N

    Ah, the wonderful Paw Patrol 😀 funny though, here in Finland it’s called “Ryhmä Hau” which translates “Group Hau(wuff)” I personally think Paw Patrol sounds better 😀
    Anyhow, the toys look so fun to play with!

  3. Kira

    Will be doing all the paw patrol obsession again now I’m ready to give birth any day now to baby number 3 🙂

  4. Deborah Nicholas

    Oh we got these too and they are amazing arent they, like you i wish the characters could be removed from the cars too and yes it takes a lot of space!

  5. Mummy Times Two

    These sets look great fun, will certainly keep them in mind for Christmas gifts.

  6. Max and Kai

    Max is a massive Paw Patrol fan and would go mad for a set like this. I think it’s going to be a very Paw Patrol themed birthday for him this year. I think Il need to start making a list for him.

  7. Emma

    Cameron and Carly still love paw patrol and they would go mad for these! I love the little lighthouse. Although I get sick of the theme tune, I have a bit of a soft spot for paw patrol and am quite happy to purchase themed toys for the kids as they love role playing with them x

  8. Jenni

    My little man would love this. He is the air patroller and a sit n ride car x

  9. Amy | All Things Amy

    These look good, and great for imaginative play. Little isn’t into anything yet, although he loves a good boogie to ‘Justin’s house’!


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