Siblings Project – May 2017

Siblings Project – May 2017

Yet another month has passed, and its the time of the month where I look back at the relationship between the girls and how it has developed. The Siblings Project is a great excuse to take even more photographs than I already do, but is also lovely to look back on how much both the girls change throughout the year.

Neve is now 8 months old, and I can hardly believe how quickly she is growing up. The time went fast with Erin, but I am sure it goes even faster the second time around. She is definitely not a baby any more, is close to crawling, and is absolutely besotted with her big sister, wanting to constantly touch her and play with her, and pretty much do everything that Erin does.

Erin loves having Neve around, although she did admit to me the other day that she misses Neve being a tiny baby, probably because she’s cottoned on to the fact that Neve is now trying to play with her stuff! We have spent a lot of time this week educating Erin about small toys and the importance of putting them out of reach, as Neve is into absolutely everything – finding the smallest fleck of paper on the floor and trying to pick it up. I am so paranoid about her putting one of Erin’s smaller toys in her mouth, so we have been trying to put things away as much as possible.

The Happyland has also made an appearance this month and it was so lovely to watch the girls playing together. Erin loved these toys when she was little, and I appear to have reignited her imagination again. Its so nice to watch Erin act out little scenes, even if she does get frustrated when Neve knocks the house over 🙂

The girls have enjoyed my favourite pastime of Spring this month with a trip to the Bluebell woods and lots of visits to National Trust places to get out and about in the early sunshine. One of my favourite  photos of the girls taken this month was this one in the bluebell woods. In between the shots of Neve looking the wrong way and Erin smiling like an extra out of Wallace and Gromit, I managed to capture this candid shot of Erin giving her sister a cuddle. Just goes to show sometimes the un-posed photos are the best. I love how much affection is in this picture, and I am planning to get this printed to display in our home.

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  1. Laura | Little Ladies Big World

    Lovely photo in the bluebells, my eldest used to say she missed the baby when the littlest grew up a bit but they soon realise all the fun they can have too!


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