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Start the Morning Right with Big Brekkie 2017

Start the Morning Right with Big Brekkie 2017

Have you had breakfast yet??

Here’s something to think about whilst you tuck into your toast.

Breakfast is proven to be the most important meal of the day. Have you ever heard the phrase eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a Pauper?

Since I have become a Mum I have to admit I am failing to follow my own advice. It’s far too easy in the rush to get ready for work and the girls ready for nursery to spend the time feeding them and not myself. As a result, I normally skip breakfast altogether, or have something mid morning by which point I am ravenous and normally opt for something naughty like a packet of crisps!

I am sure I am not alone in this.

There is one way in which you can change this habit this May, whilst raising some money and doing something wonderful for a great cause in the process.

Christian Aid are back this May with their Big Brekkie campaign, and are asking friends and work colleagues to get together for a Big Brekkie whilst raising money for others who can’t afford to fund their own food this spring. It’s a great chance to sit down with friends, have a natter and a cup of tea (warm for once!) whilst supporting a fantastic campaign for those less fortunate than ourselves.

As someone who has hosted similar charity events at my place of work before, they always go down an absolute treat, and are a great way of getting colleagues together who might otherwise work independently or in different departments. Why not ask colleagues to all bring a breakfast item (whether it be bacon baps or pain de chocolat), and ask for a donation or ‘entry fee’ in return for them helping themselves to a pick and mix breakfast of their choice?

You can download a fundraising pack and guide to hosting your own Big Brekkie here, as well as editable resources for posters and flyers in your place of work.

Tuck in to change lives, and dig in and dig deep!



*This is a collaborative post*


  1. Mummy Times Two

    Oooo what a fantastic idea. I’ve just gone back to work after maternity leave so will try to get something organised for sure!

  2. Jasmin N

    Oh, that’s one happy piece of toast haha 😀 I absolutely love it, so adorable!

  3. Amy | all thIngs Y

    I’ve been eating more at breakfast now and it’s definitely making me feel less sluggish. Don’t think I could eat like a pauper at dinner though!

  4. Nadine

    What a great idea! I’m usually pretty good with eating breakfast; it’s the rest of the day that I struggle with!

  5. Emma jones

    I love this idea, I’m a community nurse and we are all terrible at eating brekafast, yet we all meet up at the office before our visits, this would be such a great incentive especially all donating to charity as well as having the most important meal of the day. I will deffo spread the word! X

  6. Sophia corbitT

    Some being pregnant with my first breakfast has become my favourite meal of the day! I really feel the benefits!

  7. mandy

    I am the same half the time when I work from home – its just a juggle and often I just feed her to get her sorted then head down to get work done as quickly as possible. On the days I work in the office I always get a good breakfast down me before I start working.

  8. Lisa (mumdadpkus4)

    What a fab campaign I wish I still worked in an office cause this is something we would have got involved in for sure. I think if your creative though you could still do this with friends and family as well.

  9. Lindsey London Mumma

    What a great campaign and for such an amazing cause. I too am quite guilty of missing or skipping breakfast, but it is a vital part of the day.

  10. Jeannette @auTismmumma

    Fab idea, I’m v guilty of skipping breakfast if we’re pushed for time. Very happy looking toast too!

  11. Jaymee (@_TheMumDiaries)

    Eeeek smiley toast! That will sure to wake you up in the morning! Sounds like a lovely campaign!

  12. Maria Hughes

    What a great campaign. Just had my breakfast 🙂 x


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