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What is Hatchimals Surprise?

What is Hatchimals Surprise?

Sonething new has come to the Hatchimals world… Hatchimals Surprise.

We are massive Hatchimals fans in this household, having been lucky enough to have one under the tree last Christmas for Erin to open. We recently reviewed the Glittering Garden Hatchimals range, a special range of sparkly Hatchimals in a glittery shell, and Erin is now collecting characters from Hatchimals CollEGGtibles– these smaller pocket money priced collectible characters hatch from their very own miniature eggs.

But today 6th October 2017 is hatchimals day…. introducing Hatchimals Surprise.

hatchimals surprise packaging

What is Hatchimals Surprise?

Hatchimals Surprise is a new addition to the hatchimals family with one BIG surprise… TWINS!!!

What does it do?

Rub the bottom of the Hatchimals Surprise egg to start getting the egg ready to hatch. Flip it, tap and it will tap back and you can listen to the heartbeat.

Unlike previous Hatchimals, this egg hatches upwards! The big surprise is that inside is not one but TWO new characters from the Giravens or Peacats species.

hatchimals surprise twins


The twins can be identical or fraternal.

Giravens have pink fur with blue spots for identical twins or blue/pink fur with yellow spots for fraternal.

Peacats face blue fur with purple stripes for identical Or yellow / purple fur with blue spots for fraternal.

Children can help progress their twins from baby to kid mode via interactive play.

Hatchimals Surprise Egg

Babies will interact when facing each other, toddlers will play games like peekaboo dance and sing, and kids will play both individual and group games.

We haven’t got our hands on one of these in the flesh yet but we love the concept. The fact there are two characters inside makes them perfect for siblings to share.. making Christmas just that bit more manageable when you don’t have to buy two!!

Hatchimals surprise are available at The Entertainer from 6th October 2017 and retail at £74.99.

You can learn more about hatchimals surprise on the Spinmaster website here

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  1. Leona

    Gosh I hadn’t heard of hatchimals before. My lo is a bit young but sure in the notntoo distant future she would love them

  2. Kara Guppy

    We have just hatched ours and the kids faces were a picture when they realised it was twins

  3. Clare McDougall

    I remember Hatchimals were a big thing last Christmas, I imagine now they’re twins they’ll get a new surge in popularity. I don’t think my daughter’s seen these yet, she hasn’t asked for them so far! I know she’ll want them when she’d love these.

  4. Newcastle Family Life

    Oh my children would love these, especially as it is twins so they would get a one each xx

  5. five little doves

    Eva hadn’t heard of these until this week and was desperate for a glitter garden hatchimal, now she has changed her mind and wants one of these!

    • loosea

      Ha ha bless her!!!


    I’ve been seeing the adverts for these. We haven’t had any hatchimals yet but these ones look really cute.


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