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10 thoughts we all have when the WiFi goes down…

10 thoughts we all have when the WiFi goes down…

My WiFi is down. As a blogger that sucks a lot. Do I use the time do have a well earned rest? Do I heck. With some inspiration from Run Jump Scrap, here are the 10 thoughts we all have when the WiFi goes down.

1. Consider just going to bed.

2. Wonder if we can connect to our elderly neighbours unsecured network by sitting really really close to the bedroom wall.

3. Keep forgetting that the WiFi is still down and try to refresh Facebook again only to get frustrated by the cogs and give up in a huff.

4. Wonder what we actually did before social media – look on our battery screen and realise how much time we have spent on social media in the last week. Feel Shocked. Make a mental note to write a status about it… once the WiFi is back up that is.

5. Regret having not signed up for more data when you took out your mobile contract, and even more so regret wasting lots of the limited data you did have watching that cat video on YouTube.

6. Wonder how people in Devon and Cornwall actually cope with no 4g. Be thankful that whilst you may not have a beach, you have connectivity the majority of every day.

7. Read a book for the first time in approximately 3.6 years. Almost wrip a page when you accidently swipe like an iPhone screen out of force of habit.

8. Panic. The routers been rebooted 12 times now and it’s still not working. Check local facebook groups in the hope it’s not just you. Feel a mixture of pleasure and anger when you discover that its not.

9. Draft an angry tweet / e-mail / message to your internet provider to complain about how rubbish their service is. Threaten to leave. Conveniently forget this once the WiFi is back up again.

10. Talk to your partner….. hang on, that’s one step too far. I’m sticking with number one.

How many of these can you relate to?


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  1. Amy Fox

    Oh I love this!
    It’s even more true given I’m trying to use WiFi in a hospital. Now that is bad WiFi!


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