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Learning about Animals with ZooMoo

Learning about Animals with ZooMoo

Erin loves to watch TV and is a huge fan of most of the children’s classics. Whilst I love that cheeky Pig just as much as Erin, (I really really do) there are times when I long to have Erin watch a programme where the pig’s nose doesn’t grow out of the side of its face, and is a little more relatable to real life. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am pretty laid back when it comes to screen time. Erin often watches TV whilst doing some colouring in when she gets home from school and I am happy for her to do so. She is generally quite tired after a full day at school, and as such, this is a bit of down time for both of us. That said, I do resent watching the same episodes over and over again, so this week, we decided to seek out an alternative.

On our Sky TV we recently discovered ZooMoo TV – an on demand childrens programme aimed specifically at pre-schoolers and I quickly downloaded a few to our planner. The episodes are available ready to download in the Kids Vids section of the On Demand service. ZooMoo has a cast of funny, furry characters who help young children develop a knowledge and affection for animals.

ZooMoo is quite different to the programmes that Erin would normally watch – it’s line up features over 1500 self-contained shows, combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative story telling to create quite a a unique learning experience for little viewers.ย  For those of you who don’t have Sky at home, ZooMooย is also available on NowTV (Kids Vids) and Virgin Media (Kids on Demand).

Erin loved watching ZooMoo and loved the way each episode was like it’s very own story – perfect to keep her quiet and calm on the run up to bedtime. The characters (hosts) are very funny including the Mother and Baby Orangutan, the Ninja Gorilla, and Clawdia the Cat (see what they did there!). The puppets really caught her attention, and it was almost like they were reading the story directly to her.

As a parent, I loved the fact that each episode not only taught Erin about different animals but also had some kind of moral or lesson behind it, such as The Turtle and the Greedy Spider (teaching about the importance of sharing), and Why Coyote is Grey (teaching about listening to full instructions before making assumptions!). The stories are engaging and easy to follow, with fun animations to bring the characters to life.

Compared to other shows Erin watches on TV, ZooMoo is a lot more educational, but they still feature engaging animation and fun, humorous storylines. We have since downloaded a number of episodes to our Sky planner, and are rapidly working our way through them all! ๐Ÿ™‚

I asked Erin to give ZooMoo a mark out of 5 with 1 star being poor and 5 being excellent and this was her verdict!!!

Since watching a number of episodes, Erin has since started asking specifically for MooZoo when she gets home from school, so I take that as a definite win.

You can learn more about ZooMoo and their accompanying app on their website here.

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